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We’ve travelled. We’ve adventured. We’ve experienced. We have tons of memories and loads of incredible pictures to prove it. Travel is a lifestyle and one we’ve made our own.

At NTS, we’re a merry bunch of Africans eager to share our world, never forgetting that each itinerary is as unique as the traveller. We may well have different backgrounds and stories, but we all have the same love and passion for tourism, travel and most importantly for Namibia.

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Former Team Members

At Namibia Tours and Safaris we are a family and therefore we are truly heartbroken that we have recently had to reduce our staff in order to weather the storm of the worldwide pandemic of Corona. Tourism has unfortunately been one of the hardest hit industries and while these team members are leaving us for now, we are hopeful that when this all blows over and tourism picks up again, we will be able to welcome them back into the team.

Updated: Wed 7 Apr, 2021

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We publish our clients’ current and upcoming tours to show you the final itineraries we end up booking. Be inspired and put our tailormade credo to the test: tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest.