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Book accommodation, tours, activities, transport, and regional flights with us. All you'll have to do is come and enjoy your holiday!

We have listed over 944 places to stay in Botswana, Victoria Falls, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe and there are many more. We add them to our directory only once we have approved their quality. We make a point to visit as many of the lodges, hotels and campsites in our directory to give you our honest opinions. It is of utmost importance to include in your itinerary, only those that match our standards for quality, value for money, and overall experience.

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Car Hire
While you may earn bonus points by arranging car hire from home there are many advantages to booking locally and even more when booking a vehicle from our very own fleet:

  • We can advise and book the most appropriate vehicle for your itinerary.
  • Just like your holiday, we can tailor-make your vehicle rental to best suit what you have in mind and include all the extras and the best insurance cover.
  • We offer personalised service and support whilst you are on the road.

This is Our Fleet but if you're looking for a different type of vehicle or a vehicle with camping equipment, we can do that too.

We have negotiated excellent preferential rates from reputable international car hire companies and we work closely with several specialist car hire companies that offer other quality sedans and equipped 4x4 vehicles.

Booking your vehicle with us, means it's all part of your holiday package and from the moment you land until you depart, we've got your covered.

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Tours and Safaris
The difference between a tour and a safari in our part of the world is largely semantic. A useful distinction is that safaris mostly have a significant element of game viewing whereas tours can include photographic, scenic, historical, cultural and specialised aspects of the natural world.

For 30 years we have been arranging and leading tours and safaris throughout Namibia and into the neighbouring countries of Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The tours we have listed are the tried and tested favourites. We always adjust them to suit each client's needs and in effect, no two tours are ever the same.

If you are browse through our Tours & Safaris you'll see exactly that. Between the Sample Itineraries and the Booked Tours we've just booked for our current clients, each and every tour is different and we'd like to make your holiday special and unique for you too.

With most of our tours and safaris you have the choice of guided, self-drive, fly-in or any combination of the three. The choice will depend on your time, budget and personal preferences. Whatever you have in mind, we'll make that dream a reality.

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Every destination and every lodge has several must-do, must-see activities. Most are included in the accommodation price, some are extras. We have compiled a list of those extra activities and have negotiated excellent rates with the operators, which we always pass on to our clients.

We are not, however, a registered activity-booking office and can only make activity bookings as part of your existing itinerary.

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Flights and Transfers
Your inbound return flight should always be booked from your home country. Thereafter, we will make all local and regional flight bookings for you. We also arrange for transfers to and from airports and landing strips so your travel is as smooth as it should be.

About Our Prices
We have tried to give an indication of prices from the lowest to the highest using a mid-rate exchange between the N$ and US$. Final prices are subject to the current exchange rate at the time of quoting. In all cases please allow for some difference between the final quoted price and those advertised on our website.

Wherever possible we have shown the lowest and highest price per person sharing. Bear in mind that greater value for money is often attained when two or more people travel together. If you are looking specifically at a tour we've booked for a current client, there are numerous things we need to take into account when quoting the same tour for you.

Our Pricing will give you more information if you'd like to explore this in more detail and of course if you contact us for a quote, you're dedicated consultant will also provide you with the necessary information.

A note on accuracy
We make every effort to ensure our information about lodges, tours, and activities is correct. However the size of the country and the nature of the industry prevents us from offering any guarantees. If there is any aspect of your holiday that is important to you which you'd like us to specifically note, please confirm the details with us prior to making a booking.

Updated: Tue 8 Dec, 2020

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