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Our Price-match Promise to you: find a better deal and we'll do our best to beat it. That is all there is to it. No escape clauses, conditions or false promises.

Two very important points to note about the prices on our website:
  1. All prices are approximate
  2. All prices are in USD per person sharing
Why We Display Rates in USD

Suppliers in Namibia and South Africa charge in South African Rand (ZAR) and suppliers in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the rest of Africa charge in United States Dollars (USD).

To make life easier for you, we automatically convert all our prices on the website to USD using the latest exchange rates. This makes it easy to compare prices of tours and packages in different countries; it also makes it easier to compare our excellent rates with those offered by other websites.

When we make a quote for a tour that visits Namibia and/or South Africa, we quote in ZAR; for a tour that includes Namibia and another country other than South Africa we divide the quote into ZAR and USD according to our supplier contracts. The end result is an accurate quote for you that will use your bank’s exchange rate at the time of processing the invoice.

Using this method ensures the fairest price for you and protects us against fluctuations in currency. With all this in mind, please note the prices on our website are a guideline only, giving you a good indication of what the tour would cost in USD at the current exchange rate.

Our Exchange Rate

We use the latest exchange rates from Google Finance to calculate our website prices. Here is the latest South African Rand (ZAR) to United States Dollar (USD) exchange rate at local Namibia time:

USD 1 = ZAR 14.6436 at 6.00am on Tue, 23 Feb 2021

Please note this spot rate is a guide only. Your issuing bank may offer a different exchange rate at the time of processing the payment and will add transaction and commission fees to the total affecting the final amount you end up paying.

Why We Display Approximate Prices

We display the lowest possible rate based on 2 people traveling for every tour using acceptable standards of accommodation, transportation, activities, services and routes. Except for our scheduled and group tours, there are many options available to you that will affect the final price of a tour. As with displaying our prices in USD, using an approximate starting price makes it quick and easy for you to compare tours on our website.

The Tours & Safaris we have listed are a combination of the most popular routes and itineraries along with the tours that have just been booked for our clients - the actual tours and itineraries they have booked as their adventures. Browsing here, gives you a great way to get an idea for your holiday and inspiration to get you started.

It is however important to keep in mind that the rates showing for the Booked Tours are based on the specific details for that client and therefore if you'd like us to quote you the same (which we'd love to do) the rates could differ for a number of reasons. Here are just a few to mention:

  • Number of people travelling - the price of 2 people vs 4 people for instance will affect the overall cost and if there are children in tow this too will affect the rates.
  • Inflation - we add the Booked Tours when they are booked, which means you could be looking at a tour booked that is currently on the road. If you're only planning to travel next year, you can expect the rate to change due to inflations.
  • Seasons - again you may be looking at a tour that will be travelling in our low season and should you be thinking of travelling in the high season, this too will carry different rates.

What we're really trying to say is that if you like the look of a just booked tour, let us quote this to you for an accurate rate based on your specific travel details.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of your Tailor-made or Scheduled Tour

Even our scheduled and group tour packages have seasonal and annual price differences and most of our tour and safari packages are tailor-made to your individual requirements. Maybe you liked the look of a Sample Itinerary, well these are some of the main factors affecting your final quote:

  • The duration of the tour or safari
  • The standard and type of accommodation e.g. fully serviced bush camping or five-star safari lodges
  • The type of tour you're interested in or the transport used e.g. fly-in safaris or self-drive tours
  • Whether it is a guided (escorted) safari or an unguided (independent) tour
  • The number of people in your group e.g. larger groups may cost less per person for car hire but more for accommodation or you may need to include a single supplement if staying in a single room
  • The time of year you travel (peak season or low season) e.g. our summer is low season
  • Additional activities, excursions and services
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So Why Use Us?

If our Price-match Promise hasn't convinced you, here are a few more good reasons why it is better to use a local tour operator and why you should book your African holiday through Namibia Tours & Safaris.

  • We are located in Namibia and have excellent relations with all of our suppliers in the region. That means you will not get a better deal by booking directly with the lodge or car hire company and in many cases you will pay less if you book through us.
  • A hassle-free, one-click booking service where our friendly and experienced consultants provide advice and will book all your accommodation, transport, activities, guides and transfers for you. Best yet, it's all invoiced together so you eliminate making multiple payments to different suppliers.
  • Local knowledge allows us to recommend the best and most efficient routes to avoid costly and unwanted overnight stopovers.
  • Membership and backing of the Tours and Safaris Association Namibia (TASA) and the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB).
  • Immediate, personal response to emergencies or problems that might occur during your visit. We're available 24/7 to offer help and assistance whilst you're on the road.
  • You'll receive a detailed and personalised travel diary with day-to-day descriptions, directions, tips and area information along with a map and extras to give you a seamless holiday.
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Updated: Tue 8 Dec, 2020

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