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Are you an agent selling outbound tours to Namibia and Southern Africa? We offer reliable reservations and ground handling services at competitive STO rates.

NTS Agent Rates for 2021

The official NTS STO rates for 2021 are now available as a complete ZIP archive. All our beautiful itineraries in PDF or MS Word format with all possible tour types (fly-in, self-drive etc.) with all accommodation options (standard, luxury etc.) for every season and with a variety of PAX options: this is your one-stop, one-click, one-quote corner.

Registered Agents will receive a download link by email. If you would like to become a registered agent or you want us to resend the download link, please contact us with details about you and your agency.

Our Services

We have been operating in Namibia and its surrounding countries since 1990. A dedicated team led by owner Danie Steyn will manage all your requirements including:

  • Tailoring any tour to match your client's requirements and our advice
  • Accommodation reservations and advice
  • Car hire reservations, deliveries and returns (incl. one-way)
  • Beautiful and detailed itinerary tour file packs
  • Airport welcome service
  • Pre-tour briefing and tour file handover
  • Airport transfers
  • Activities reservations and advice
  • Local emergency contact numbers and 24/7 assistance
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Why Use Us?

With our 31 years of experience in arranging Namibia tours and safaris you are guaranteed to get the best advice, the quickest service and reduced rates. In addition we offer:

  • Excellent STO rates for all registered agents
  • One-click quotes
  • Competitive rates negotiated with our local suppliers on your behalf
  • Professional ground handling including meet and greets, transfers, welcome services and 24/7 in-country support
  • Personal, friendly service
  • Expert advice
  • 24-hour stand-by assistance and service
  • White label itineraries and tour packs

Please contact us providing details of your agency. If you want a quote right now for specific tour, you can either add it to your Favourites or mention it in your enquiry and we'll come back to you with Rack and STO Rates.

Download a PDF of What We Offer

For a tailor-made tour that is not on our website, simply tell us what you or your client wants and we'll provide a quote along with our hard-earned advice if necessary. For example, we can recommend best value lodges, efficient routings and accurate driving/transfer times.

Client Testimonials

We have been working with international clients and agents since day one. See our TripAdvisor reviews for an idea of the personal service and excellent value we provide our clients.

Updated: Tue 8 Dec, 2020

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