Cape Winelands

An hour's drive from Cape Town, the Cape Winelands is an area of outstanding beauty with charming country towns, vast mountain ranges, fynbos nature reserves and of course the always-picturesque vineyards.

There is something soothing about row upon row of grapevines be they in winter green or summer russet. It may be their rhythm and sense of order; the shape of the land enhanced or the calming effect of lines converging in the distance. In any case, time slows down in Cape wine country and that's all the more to enjoy your time here.

Made up of three primary regions - Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek - the Cape Winelands area extends in all directions, the wines becoming more distinct the further from the epicentre you travel.

Wine tasting is an institution in the Cape and most, if not all, the farms open daily for tastings at a couple of Euros. And, lest they appear avaricious, the tasting fee is discreetly waived if you buy.

Along the back roads, farm stalls sell preserves, cured meats, breads and home-made cheeses. All you need now is somewhere to enjoy the spoils of your wanderings. Might we recommend a gentle hike through a nearby nature reserve? Perhaps you'd like to make a picnic by a waterfall, dip in the crystal clear water and dry yourself off in the sun? The winelands are a giant amphitheatre of mountain ranges and valleys and the Cape Floral Kingdom extends into the nature reserves that surround the towns.

The towns themselves are worthy of a visit, each with an interesting cultural heritage along with monuments and museums to prove it. Dining out is a regional pastime in this well-heeled neck of the Cape and many world-class chefs ply their trade in unassuming eateries.

The Cape Winelands offer a staggering array of wine farms to visit, an almost infinite variety of towns and locations to call base and exciting choices of activities, attractions and restaurants.

The Garden Route is your next destination in a natural progression from Cape Town to the Cape Winelands. Unless of course you're travelling in the opposite direction having been on your Big 5 Garden Route Safari, enjoyed the whales and the beaches of the Garden Route and now you're about to explore the Cape Winelands before finishing up in beautiful Cape Town

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