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Location:Caprivi, Namibia


Shametu River Lodge

Picture yourself as The Mariner, Kevin Costner's anti hero, meandering through the water. Think mokoro rather than a trimaran, river rather than sea. This is for those of you that like the waterworld of Africa. But whereas the film's been described as a mess masquerading as a movie you'll exit this lodge feeling calm, chilled and chipper.

Louis and Amori fancied a retirement home in the Caprivi and this is it. Next to the Bwabwata National Park you're as close to the Kavango River you can get without actually sitting in it. The lodge literally peers out of the bushes like a lazy croc. It's an easy drive to access the small village of Divundu, which is approx 10km away - it's not much more than a petrol station and a shop of a place but it's rich in the culture of the Kavango people - locals fish with nothing more glamorous than a worm, children swim and Nguni cattle wander along. You'll also be close to the Popa Falls - more of a series of rapids running over the rocks than a waterfall but they're still stunning and popular.

Luxury chalets are big and bang on the banks of the river. You can see Popa Falls, you can hear hippos roaring. Brown leathery chairs, white bed linen. The standard chalets are not on the banks but you still get a view of the river. The luxury tents are permanent, sit on stilts and they're on the riverbanks. Definitely glamping you'll have the same ensuite, lounge area, coffee making facilities and mosquito nets as the two chalet options. The camping option's hardly slumming it either - you'll get your braai spruced up over night as well as your pots and pans washed up - when does that happen?! You'll also have your own ablution block and kitchen facilities. These have roofs so you're sheltered in the rainy season and shaded when it's hot. There's also a family style campsite if you want to share washing and cooking together. Each campsite also has access to electricity and running water.


The main lodge has a coffee shop which serves breakfast and light meals till 3pm. They also import decent coffee and the resident baker (yup, baker) bakes cakes and tarts which is extremely civilised of them.

There's a swimming pool by the river so you can watch the water flow without worrying about the crocs. Talking of predators, you can go fishing and try and snare the number one bad guy after the crocodile - the manically grinning and frankly terrifying looking tiger fish. This is a high speed killing machine and keen fishermen will know it's a source of pride to try and mess with this king. Local advice is, don't eat it, they do but apparently there are too many bones for the majority of our highly strung palates.


Seasonal mokoro trips - these are the more eco friendly fibre glass ones but you'll see traditional ones on the trip; Game drives into the National Park; Village walk - a 30 minute trek to meet the Habukushu tribe; Picnics; Fishing; Sunset cruises; Massage and manicures available in the mini spa; Bird watching

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