Damaraland Accommodation

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Mowani Mountain Camp

Looking like a traditional African kraal high up in the rocky mountains of Damaraland, Mowani Camp is the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication in this vast and rugged region.

Madisa Camp & Campsite

Madisa is a wonderful camp with meru-style tents and a campsite in Damaraland in prime desert-elephant country.

Camp Kipwe

As unassuming as a Damara lean-to and as luxurious as a big-city hotel, Camp Kipwe is another iconic Namibian safari lodge from the ingenious creators of Onguma Tented Camp and Mowani Mountain Camp.

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

Damaraland is a region of ancient oddities and Twyfelfontein Country Lodge is slap bang in the middle. Its cool interior, camouflage exterior and all-important swimming pool turn this humble lodge into a veritable oasis.

Doro Nawas

Doro Nawas, in the Abu-Huab River valley, is a classic safari camp with the benefit of modern architectural and design inspiration. Everything opens from floor to ceiling to include the spectacular views of the Etendeka Mountains and the red sandstone cliffs of Twyfelfontein - famous for its San rock engravings.

Old Traders' Lodge Erindi Private Game Reserve

Erindi Private Game Reserve in central Namibia has, in a remarkably short space of time, become an African safari destination in its own right. And with three accommodation options here is a Big Five safari for everyone.

Malansrus Tented Camp

Half an hour from Twyfelfontein, Malansrus is a tented camp in the heart of Damaraland. Spacious. Private. Remote. Immersed in nature. True wilderness.

Etendeka Mountain Camp

Deep in the Grootberg Mountains, Etendeka Camp is the definitive unabridged version of a Namibian nature experience. We're hesitant to spoil it with words.

Palmwag Lodge

Palmwag Lodge offers the independent traveller an exceptional Damaraland and desert experience. Located between the Skeleton Coast and Etosha, the lodge is an excellent stop between north and south Namibia.

Spitzkoppen Lodge

No joke, you’ll feel like you’re in a modern art installation. On another planet. A remote desert one. Think Star Wars’ Tatooine, this place is cool. Stylish, contemporary, minimalist it’s literally embedded into the rocks of Spitzkoppe.

Damaraland Camp

On the north bank of the Huab River Valley, Damaraland Camp looks south over bleached grass, clusters of wild mustard bush and acacia thickets towards the Burnt Mountain - a variable-coloured throwback from the days of volcanoes and dinosaurs.

Spitzkoppe Campsites

Climb, stop, stare. Emptiness everywhere. Take in the views and the surrounds. Pure nature and right there in the middle of it all is Spitzkoppe Campsite.

Grootberg Lodge

The soft interiors make a striking statement against the bold backdrop of the Klip River Valley; Grootberg Lodge stands on the edge of the Grootberg Plateau in the heart of Damaraland half way between Etosha and the Skeleton Coast.

Erongo Wilderness Lodge

For its beautiful setting, striking chalets and elegant style, Erongo Wilderness Lodge is a fine example of Namibian hospitality. Built in and around hulking granite rocks, the lodge features spectacular views of the Erongo Mountains, an exceptional wilderness encounter and a tranquil, refined atmosphere.

Palmwag Campsite

The campsite is part of Palmwag Lodge. Beside the Uniab River in North Western Namibia. A place of myth and legend. Animals who have changed themselves. To survive. These guys really, really want to live, wow, how they say no to extinction. They demand life. Oh the dramatic resilience of nature. A sweeter place to rock up and roll out the ground sheet would be harder to find.

Brandberg White Lady Lodge

At the end of a long, dusty, bumpy road is an oasis called the Brandberg White Lady Lodge: a pool, a cool drink and a secluded shady campsite with the Brandberg Mountain - Namibia's highest point - in full view.

Camp Elephant Erindi Private Game Reserve

Erindi is a resort-like private game reserve in a 70,000-hectare swathe of African bush in central Namibia with a diversity of habitats. Camp Elephant offers self-catering chalets and campsites inside this vast conservation area.

Vingerklip Lodge

The Ugab Terraces in central Damaraland occupy an area of outstanding beauty and Vingerklip Lodge is a one of the best places to experience the endless vistas and vast open skies of Namibia.

Hoada Campsite

Tucked into and built around a jumble of elephant-size boulders, each campsite has its own ablution facilities, own kitchen and wonderful private settings. Your water is heated by a donkey - a wood-fired, boiler - and you have flushing toilets, sinks and and a glorious outdoor shower. What more could you want?

Desert Rhino Camp

Desert Rhino Camp is a remote safari camp in the vast Palmwag Concession between Etosha and the Namib desert of the Skeleton Coast. Comfortable en suite safari tents and a casual living area provide the backdrop for a fascinating wilderness experience.

Spitzkoppe Rest Camp

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Brandberg White Lady Campsite

Brandberg White Lady Campsite is spread out under acacia trees along the dry Ugab riverbed. Set up camp and enjoy the view of the incredible Brandberg Mountain.

Huab Lodge

Ask any Namibian tour guide where his favourite place is and the answer will be Damaraland. Something to do with the wide open spaces, the isolation, and the tenuous balance of nature in a rugged and dramatic landscape; or it could be the Huab Lodge.

Damara Mopane Lodge

Damara Mopane Lodge in central Namibia is another back-to-basics gem from the folks at Gondwana: the back-to-basics masters.

Buruxa Camp

Buruxa Camp is a small and rustic safari camp along the Aba-Huab riverbed in Damaraland.

Sorris Sorris Lodge

Sorris Sorris is a designer lodge with designer views of the Brandberg Mountain in the eponymous community conservancy of central Damaraland. While deeply entrenched in the community's conservation policies it is worlds, many worlds, away in every other respect.

Ai Aiba Lodge

Joining the ranks of Stopover Destination, Ai Aiba Lodge is a small, comfortable lodge at the foot of a picturesque granite outcrop looking south towards the Erongo Mountains.

Ugab Terrace Lodge

Compared to say, Switzerland, Namibia is a relatively flat country being the floor of an ancient seabed and all. So when it comes to views that go on forever, Ugab Terrace Lodge easily tops the list.

Uis White Lady Guesthouse

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Mowani Campsite

Among the boulders with a view out over the endless Damaraland landscape. Mowani campsites are private and well located in the remote Twyfelfontein area.

Omaruru Campsite

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Blue Bushman Luxury tented Lodge

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Mowani Mountain Camp Private Suite

An elegant take on a traditional kraal-like design with the added luxuries of a suite. Pure exclusivity with a private butler and chef. Unrivalled view of the Damaraland landscape.

Hohenstein Lodge

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Ombinda Country Lodge

If it's a relaxed and comfortable overnight stop to Etosha that you want, that's what you will get at Ombinda Country Lodge.

Igowati Country Hotel

Igowati Country Hotel offers no-frills stopover accommodation in Khorixas, central Damaraland, with the added option of camping and self-catering units.

Gelbingen Guest Farm

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Camp Xaragu

In the hot, dry and dusty region of Damaraland luxury comes in the form of an iced drink, a shady table and a refreshing plunge pool.

Wild camping

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Hoanib River Valley Campsite

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Aba-Huab Campsite

Aba-Huab Campsite is a community-run campsite in Damaraland and by that we mean a charming, albeit basic and rather ramshackle operation in a pristine environment close to Twyfelfontein - Namibia's lone World Heritage Site.

Otjitotongwe Campsite

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Kuidas camp

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Brandberg Rest Camp

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