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Location:Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park


Namutoni is one of six safari lodges inside Etosha National Park. Overlooking a floodlit waterhole and Fisher's Pan, the game viewing comes first and the accommodation tries its best to catch up.

Namutoni is one of six places to stay inside Etosha National Park and all of them are owned and managed by the parastatal Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

Located on the eastern edge of the vast Etosha Pan and south of Fisher's Pan, Namutoni is a basic, no-frills lodge that overlooks a floodlit waterhole. The German fort around which it is built makes for a bizarre first encounter and the morning and evening bugle calls add to the surreality.

Accommodation is in bungalows of varying size or self-catering camping. The rooms are all air-conditioned and have en suite bathrooms. The large and popular pool is shaded by some grand Makalani palm trees and the lodge has a buffet restaurant and a well-stocked bar.


En suite bungalows; air conditioning; camp site; swimming pool; restaurant; bar; kiosk; museum; filling station


Game viewing at the floodlit waterhole in front of the lodge; bird watching; game drives through Etosha

The floodlit waterhole has a thatched game-viewing hut and a low stone wall to hide behind. Game viewing here is allegedly not as amazing as the other four lodges in Etosha - namely Okaukeujo, Halali, Dolomite and Olifantsrus - probably on account of those bugle calls - but you're certain to have some excellent sightings; and the sunset over the pan is quite astounding.

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Okaukuejo is one of only six lodges in Etosha National Park with a reputation for the best floodlit waterhole of the lot. Add a big pool, buffet dinner, bar and even a gas station for adventure refuels.

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