Augustinus Gawiseb: Safari Guide

With a smile as wide as his knowledge of the country, Augie is one of Namibia’s finest guides. As the many rave reviews suggest, he’s the difference between a fantastic holiday and the trip of a lifetime.

Growing up on a farm in northern Namibia, Augustinus developed a love of nature and the outdoors from an early age. Straight from school he trained as a tour guide with the Namibian Association of Tour Guides and he's never looked back.

Of Namibia he says:

With so much natural beauty, wildlife, culture and everything in between you should come and experience it for yourself - Namibia is a place you just can't explain.

Augie is friendly, enthusiastic and professional. And what's more his knowledge of birds, plants, wildlife, geology, history and the varied cultures of Namibia is astounding and he takes great joy in sharing this with his clients. In fact, without a hint of irony, he's proud to say he has the best job in the world getting paid to travel in the most beautiful country in the world. How's that for job satisfaction?

His love of Namibia extends to all places but Augie's special place is Etendeka:

The location, the setting, the beauty... everything about this lodge is truly special in all its simplicity.

When he's not on the road doing what loves, Augie's at home in Swakopmund with his wife and two boys.

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