Holger Klose: Safari Guide

Born and reared on a game farm in southern Namibia, Holger is a certified free-range barrel of laughs and one seriously impressive guide.

We have a saying in Africa: you can take the man out of the bush, but you can’t take the bush out of the man. Holger Klose is one such man easily recognised by his earthy attire and the scrubby, bushy stubble adorning his rumpled chin. He’s just as easy to recognise by his easy laugh, warm nature and his abiding, contagious love for all things natural, wild and most definitely outside.

With his innate bushcraft, a career in guiding was inevitable. After school, back in ’97, Holger spent two years working the family farm before heading up to the Caprivi where, much to his delight, he was paid to track wildlife, go fishing, birding, hiking and generally do the things he loved doing.

After a two-year sabbatical from the Namibian outdoors to the Asian outdoors and other worldly parts of the globe, Holger returned home for good. He’s been guiding freelance since 2005 fleshing out his professional guiding qualifications while broadening and deepening his vast knowledge of this vast and wild land.

With his instantly likeable character and captivating passion for nature, Holger is an excellent safari guide who has extensive knowledge of the entire region’s fauna, flora, ethnology, geology, geography, history and current affairs. He is also fluent in English, German and Afrikaans.

Holger's fans have the following to say about him:

Holger has an encyclopedic knowledge. He was constantly updating and comparing notes with other guides he encountered along the way to ensure we got the best sightings. He was punctual and ready before us every day and got us to all our destinations carefully and cautiously. We loved his company and will be sure to keep up with him for years to come. - DL, United States

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