Jurgens Strydom: Safari Guide

Jurgens Strydom is an all-round nice guy. With his larger-than-life smile, friendly demeanour and zest for life, he’s easy to get along with.

From touring Namibia with his family to globe-trotting across 42 countries as a tennis pro and latterly finding fame on the local music scene, Jurgens is no stranger to life on the road.

Criss-crossing southern Africa with just the bare necessities, Jurgens sees travel itself as the ultimate luxury and, like a sponge, he spent those early days learning as much as possible about as much as possible.

With his affable nature, extensive travel experience, deep knowledge about the region and an affinity for all things wild and outdoorsy, guiding was the inevitable post-tennis career for Jurgens. And he’s fast working his way to the top.

When he isn’t on tour with you, he’s on tour with his band or off with his family on another adventure. So if it isn’t clear by now, we’ll spell it out for you: Jurgens is a man who loves to be on the go.

Jurgens is a man of quiet confidence driven to excel and we’re delighted to have him in the NTS fold. Doubly so since May, 2017 when he and Kirstie - another delightful and effervescent member of our family - exchanged vows, tied the knot and cut up the dance floor.

Here's what some fans of Jurgens have to say:

He is not only a knowledgeable and very professional guide but he is also extremely flexible and has a positive attitude in every context. He was so amazing and fulfilled our every wish. We could not have expected more from him! - PP, Italy

...we would have had half the experience if we weren't brilliantly guided by Jurgens. He was patient and easy going. Jurgens was able to tailor the different parts of our itinerary to our family desires and being with him on the road for several days really enhanced our experience. - BC, New York

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