Sebastiaan Meyer: Safari Guide

Sebastiaan grew up with the bush as his playground and from humble beginnings, this is where his love for being outdoors began. Since childhood, he found a sense of belonging and peace surrounded by nature, and it’s no different today, except now he’s a qualified guide, with years of experience to add to his deep rooted passion.

Born in Windhoek, Sebastiaan grew up in Berseba, a small farming town south of the capital, surrounded by livestock and, well, not much else. He completed his schooling in Windhoek and then went on to do his diploma as an I.T. technician at Anvil College. It wasn’t long though, and Sebastiaan found himself looking for a new career beyond the computer screen, something more in line with his love for nature and yearning for the outdoors.

He applied for en entry level guiding course with a well-known lodge group in Namibia in 2006 and 2 weeks later, after intense training, Sebastiaan was selected as one of the few to continue in this field. He travelled around Namibia to numerous lodges gaining experience in different destinations and roles at some of the top properties in the country. After a stint at South African Airways, as a customer service agent, he returned to the “bush”, the well-rounded, all knowledgeable guide that he is today. It’s where he is at his best and feels most at home and with client service at the centre of it all, it’s no surprise he’s one of our top guides.

Sebastiaan loves the rich culture and diversity of Namibia, the geology of Damaraland and the raw wilderness of the Kaokoveld and in our neighbouring countries, he most appreciates the game viewing and birdlife of the Okavango Delta in Botswana and the endless falls of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

He never travels without his camera and a pair of binoculars for great sightings and loves the fact that in Africa, there simply is no rush. Sebastiaan is a laid back, upstanding gentleman with a strong ethos and a great sense of humour. He’s a family man and spends his down time with his wife and 2 kids, of course doing something outdoors and in nature, whenever possible.

Sebastiaan speaks English, Afrikaans, Nama and Damara fluently - another accolade to add to his already impressive CV.

If you’re looking for a more qualified guide, it’ll be hard to find one! Combine his love for what he does with his friendly demeanour and his positive outlook on life and it’s clear why we are so glad Sebastiaan is a part of the team.

Sebastiaan's fans say the following:

I can highly recommend him - he was fantastic! He is very knowledgeable about everything in Namibia. He was responsive to our needs whilst also being gentle and friendly with my children. He did a great job at finding the animals we so much wanted to see! - GE, Iceland

What an amazing human being. He is Mr. Google of Namibia, South Africa and Africa. His knowledge is second to none. Sebastiaan made my tour. He was always on the lookout for photo opportunities everywhere. His photographic outlook really enhanced my experience. - JW, Australia

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