Mark Hays: Safari Guide

An eminent guide with over a decade of experience, Mark Hays is a true value-add to have on tour. Everything there is to know about Namibia, he can share with you - in English, Afrikaans or German, we might add. And of course all this is delivered with heaps of enthusiasm and his dashing personality.

Mark is a straight up guy, what you see is what you get. So it certainly won't come as a surprise that you have one of Namibia's top guides showing you all that Namibia has to offer.

Unlike the tale of most other guides, Mark didn't grow up in the bush, but he always knew that he simply wasn't a 'city slicker'. Although he did try out that lifestyle for a while, life on the road and exploring nature was inevitable.

Born and raised in Walvis Bay, on the Skeleton Coast, so it's no wonder Mark has a deep love for fishing, surfing and all things cold, wet and salty. For us humans the sea is way too cold to venture into, but Mark's love for the ocean simply can't deter him.

Mark started out as a history and physical education teacher and taught abroad and in South Africa. Whenever he returned home he found himself out in the bush as a back-up guide on tour. So it didn't take long for Mark to change careers and find himself as a full-time freelance guide. Lucky for us! Lucky for you!

Mark can offer you boundless facts on just about everything, but his special interests are astrology, ornithology and geology. And if you aren't sure exactly what that all covers, rest assured Mark will be able to explain it plus some. You might even leave somewhat an expert yourself.

Mark loves the areas of Namibia where there really is nothing, just raw nature at its best.
"So many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. There is so much more out there than what the eye can see."

He's a fan of Sossusvlei and Damaraland for the open landscapes, Etosha for the wildlife experience and the Caprivi, a water rich delight and a welcomed change to the rest of an otherwise dry and rugged Namibia.

No matter the route or itinerary, Mark aims to have every client say "that was the best holiday I’ve ever had." This is a sure given if your tour is booked through NTS with Mark as your guide! Now all you need to do is come and experience it so that we can say "I told you so!"

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