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7-day Desert, Dune & Wildlife Safari (Fly-in)

This is a week long beast of a trip. 7 days, 6 nights. The ultimate visit. Namibia at the top of her game. Luxury accommodation, private plane. Sossusvlei, Skeleton Coast, Etosha. Think sand, shipwrecks, safari.

Price from US$ 4,809 pps
Duration 7 days
Tour Type Fly-in
Highlights Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei, Skeleton Coast

Accommodation; Meals (SQ); Private charter flights; Park entry fees; Meet and Greet; Airport and airstrip transfers; 24-hour support; Comprehensive tour file with detailed itinerary, map, route descriptions, booking vouchers, contact numbers and useful information


International flights; Personal travel insurance; Entry visas; Staff gratuities

You’ll begin by heading to the Namib Desert; a sea of dunes, a great sand sea. The only true African desert south of the equator. Then you’ll fly high along the Skeleton Coast to Swakopmund, a town which seems to have landed here. Incongruous in its setting, an isolated coastal town, a mecca for holidaying Namibians. Next stop, the gemstone beaches of Mowe Bay before you have a complete change of gear. It’s Etosha time. Grab your khakis, camera, binoculars.

Itinerary Details

You’ll start with a 2 night fly package to the Namib Desert. The oldest desert on earth. And arid for the past 15 million years. For goodness sake, someone pass it a drink. Actually you don’t need to. Ephemeral rivers flow here. Briefly. But then they store water beneath the river bed. Clever.

On the way:
You’ll be met by Simone and given your travel documents. You’ll then meet the pilot and check in for your flight and briefing. Sit down, belt up, crosscheck. Private charter flight from Windhoek to Sossusvlei, flight time 1 hour 10 minutes. Look out. Stunning. The Namib Naukluft Mountain Range. Doors to manual and then head to the car where you’ll be driven to your lodge for dinner and bed & breakfast.

When you're there:
Ah, the bliss of a guided Sossusvlei excursion. Complete with a picnic lunch in the dunes. And local branded drinks. Which are better than that sounds. Especially when you’re hot, hot, hot in the stark, stark desert.

Sossusvlei is the biggest of four pans in the area. Great pyramid piles known as star dunes just, well, sit there. Waiting. Nearby, older and deader (not a real world but a good one in this context) is Dead Vlei. Vader’s cousin. These pans afford you the tallest dunes in the world, some as high as the Empire State Building. Dead Vlei was once like Sossusvlei, with the river nourishing desert life. Tis no more. 900 years ago the sand sea finally blocked out the water. Highlights include Dune 45, Big Daddy and Dune Elim. Dune 45 is 170m and 5 million years old. The sand was blown from the Kalahari Desert. It’s 45km from the Sesriem Gate, hence the catchy moniker.

Big Daddy thinks he’s the main dude with his 325m of sand but he’s not. Dune 7 is king, he’s 383m high. Elim Dune is rather lovely. Vivid colours which contrast at sunset. High and relatively isolated. By the way, you have a sundowner drive included. Nice. Look out for falcons in the car park trees and bow at the grace of Sesriem Canyon - one of the few places in the area that holds water all year round.

Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation

Next stop, the skeleton coast... From the air, it looks rather idyllic. A peaceful sea breaking over the shore. Majestic dunes. From land, it's a different story. With the evidence compelling. It’s been hard for man and beast to survive here. Long, skinny, inhospitable. Much like your pilot. In this 6,500 square mile national park, you’ll see clay castles, shipwrecks and seals.

On the way:
You’ll fly out of Sossuvlei in a private charter plane. A scenic flight. And what a scene. High above those dunes you were marvelling at yesterday. The sandy cliff like Lange Wand will blow your mind. Old diamond mines. Shipwrecks. Welcome to the Skeleton Coast. After an hour and 30 minutes, you’ll land in Swakopmund.

When you're there:
Swakopmund. Palm-lined streets, seaside promenades. An unlikely companion to the Skeleton Coast. Definitely wander. All meals are included as well as daily excursions, park fees and local branded drinks. Highlights include Sandwich Harbour. Approx 30km from Swakopmund, the lagoon, salt pans and the bird sanctuary form the Walvis Bay Wetlands. The most important coastal wetlands of Southern Africa.

You’ll also take a game drive within the Skeleton Coast National Park. 40 km wide and 500 km long. Wow, you were dished harsh cards if you were born here, whether you’re flora, fauna or man. Huge bleached whalebones, rusting ship hulls, dead plants. How nature fights to survive. The footprints of desert animals, searching for sustenance. But. It is a stunning, if lonely place.

You’ll have sundowners, walks on the beach and fishing on the coastline. You have your tackle box? Your lines, hooks, plastic worms? Chill. Equipment is provided. Can’t promise those weird fake worms though. Back on the plane, you’ll fly for an hour and a half to Mowe Bay and be driven to your lodge. Staying with the shipwreck theme, you’ll visit the remains of Suiderkus and Karimona. Haunting to imagine sailors stumbling through the desert searching for a chance to live. Suiderkus was particularly unlucky. She ran aground in the 1970s - on her maiden voyage... You’ll have a 4x4 trip to the Hoanib River Delta. Here there are dozens of clay castles which are tens of thousands of years old. And you can’t go to Mowe Bay without a stop off at the seal colony. German ship, The Mowe, made the first official sightings of cape fur seals in 1884. A drive along the Hoarusib River will give you the chance to track the desert adapted elephant. You’ll no doubt see the odd giraffe too.

Luxury Accommodation

And, just as your appetite has been whetted by those elephants, it’s time to head to Etosha.

On the way:
You’ll be driven to the airport for a 1hr 25 minute flight from Mowe Bay to Ondangwa. After a refuel, it’s a half hour flight to the eastern side of Etosha. A drive to the lodge. A chance to unwind and get ready to watch the wild world.

When you're there:
Park fees, all meals and local branded drinks are included. As are morning Etosha drives and daily Onguma Sundowner drives. Etosha means ‘Great White Place’ and is dominated by a massive mineral pan. One of the best things about it is you don’t really have to try and find the animals. They will pretty much come to you. It’s massive, more than 20,000 sq km. Park your car by a water hole and you’re laughing. Like a hyena. They’ll be wandering. Wondering - who is this clown? As you cackle away with glee. Lion, elephant, rhino, cheetah, wildebeest, leopard. They all come to drink. And they like a drink so they’ll stay long enough for you to fumble in your bag and grab your camera phone. Take it OFF selfie mode and shoot.

Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation

And that’s your lot. After a morning activity you’ll be driven to the airstrip for your flight back to Windhoek.

On the way:
Private charter flight from Etosha to Windhoek International Airport. You need to be at the airport 2 hours before international departures.

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4 Luxury Low Season US$ 4,809 pps
4 Luxury High Season US$ 5,561 pps
4 Ultra-luxury Low Season US$ 6,019 pps
4 Ultra-luxury High Season US$ 7,933 pps
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