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15-day Namibia Highlights Honeymoon Safari (Self-drive)

Its your honeymoon. Just the two of you, a million stars, a lion roaming, the orange sun setting across silhouetted mountains. You’ll want a trip of a lifetime. A loop around the desert with wildlife and wilderness thrown in. The Namib Desert, Damaraland, Etosha and the AfriCat Foundation. This is a self drive trip so you can be completely alone if you choose to be.

Price from USD 5,927 pps
Duration 15 days
Tour Type Self-drive
Highlights Damaraland, Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Waterberg

Accommodation; Meals; Vehicle hire; Meet and Greet; Airport Transfers; 24-hour support; Comprehensive tour file with detailed itinerary, map, route descriptions, booking vouchers, contact numbers and useful information


International flights; Personal travel insurance; Entry visas; Fuel; Park entry fees; Staff gratuities

The Namib Desert covers the entire Namibian coastline of over 1,500km and sweeps up to 200km inland. It is the planet's oldest desert and has an astonishing diversity of landscapes and habitats including the Great Sand Sea of Sossuvlei and the surreal Skeleton Coast north of Swakopmund.

Damaraland's scenic rocky outcrops and sandy riverbeds form a vast undulating landscape that shelters a variety of desert-adapted wildlife including elephant, rhino, lion and some rather hardy plains game.

Etosha National Park’s plains game to drink during the middle of the day when predators are most lethargic; thus it's not uncommon to have a collage of several different species in the same frame. Lions, elephants and several endemic species of antelope and birds - including 46 raptors - add to the game viewing excitement.

Itinerary Details

A bite sized metropolis. Windhoek, the capital. Grand German architecture, Windhoek beer and meteorites. Scientists reckon they’re about 4 billion years old. That’s how long your love will last...

On the way:
You’ll be met by Simone who will help you with the car rental paperwork. She’ll also give you your travel documents and welcome pack. This is your golden ticket, Charlie Bucket. Look after it. Loads of fantastic information and an essential companion to sit between the two of you. Poor little gooseberry welcome pack.

When you're there:
Spend today relaxing, wandering, gazing. At your welcome pack. No, sorry, at Windhoek. What? No, at EACH OTHER. You’ll be sick of each other one day so enjoy it now. Wander into town and check it all out. Have coffee in Independence Avenue, visit the museum and check out the view from Three Circles - a stunning lookout which gives you panoramic views of the city. Later, put your feet up. For dinner tonight, you can head into town for a bite to eat at one of Windhoek’s many restaurants. Back at base, you’ll have a junior suite with breakfast included.

Luxury Accommodation
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It’s time to be alone. You’re heading into the Namib Desert. Vast stretches of sand, wide skies, the middle of nowhere. A stunning, haunting place. It’s a long drive as
Windhoek to Wolwedans is about 380km. It will take approximately 6 hours.

On the way:
After breakfast, pop into Windhoek to stock up on drinks, snacks, whatever you need. Pack up the car and go. Head south to your lodge for the next 2 nights. You’ll go via Rehoboth where there are natural hot water springs. Mineral rich they’re about 39 degrees, lovely. Back in the car, it’s Büllspoort next. Literally meaning ‘bull’s pass’ this used to be the only way cattle and ox wagons could pass through the Naukluft Mountains. Nearly there now. Head further south into the NamibRand Reserve.

When you're there:
The largest private nature reserve in Africa. Bought in the 1980s with the aim to help the land return to its original state after excessive farming. A magical place where you can find Fairy Circles. Strange, circular patches of barren land encircled by a ring of grass. For no apparent reason. Atmospheric, ethereal and other worldly. Still a mystery to ecologists. And, until 2014, unique to the Namib Desert. But now, unexpectedly, they’ve turned up in Australia too. Weird. Anyway, there’s a lot on offer here. Enjoy nature walks and nature drives. You’re staying on an all inclusive basis which includes daily, scheduled activities with the lodge. And, remember, as this is your honeymoon we’ll help your evening begin in the most romantic way possible. Nature style. How? Well, the NamibRand Reserve is one of just two Gold Tier Dark Sky Reserves in the world. Basically that means this area boasts one of the darkest skies on earth. Orbiting moons, nebula, asteroid belts and dwarf red moons are often seen in the Namib. Stare. Together. In awe.

Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation

Silent, surreal, tranquil. Sossusvlei. Having spent last night staring at the never ending universe, today you’ll think you’re on another planet. Sparse, uninhabited. Or so you’ll think... beware what lies beneath those huge sand dunes. Swathe yourself in white cloth, channel your inner Lawrence of Arabia. Don’t step on a gecko. It’s only a 2 hour drive,
Wolwedans to Sossusvlei is 120km.

On the way:
This morning, have breakfast and there might be time to squeeze in a morning activity. Then, cruise it baby, towards your lodge near Sossusvlei.

When you're there:
This is a fully inclusive package for 2 nights.

Dinner and bed & breakfast is covered and local branded drinks. Done deal. No need to worry about where you next meal is coming from. There are options. You could have lunch when you arrive or go for lunch packs on the day you leave, just let the lodge know which you’d prefer to do. You have a guided Sossusvlei tour included and that includes a full picnic lunch in the dunes. They’re an impressive bunch... Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei, Dune 45, Big Daddy and Elim Dune. When you never want to see another dune, head over to Sesriem Canyon. See how orange all the sand is? See how blue the sky is? Feel chilled, moved, chuffed? Time for your sundowner drive. It’s cherry on this particular cake. And it’s included.

Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation

Want to impress your other half? Ok. Keep this next bit a surprise. The best way to experience the Namib Desert is in a hot air balloon. And you’re going up. Watch the sunrise and weep at the overwhelming romance of it all. A brilliant memory to make. Silent, awe inspiring. After this, you’re back to reality. But it’s a good one. Pleased you got married? Excellent. Go get a coffee at your next stop, the splendid seaside town of Swakopmund.

On the way:
When your balloon lands you’ll have breakfast - in situ - WITH CHAMPAGNE. Whose idea was this? Jeez, it was a good one. Get back in the car (driver, don't down that bottle), drive north to Solitaire. It’s the own petrol station, bakery and cafe for ages so stock up. Drive west crossing the Tropic of Capricorn, photo stop? If you must, it’s only a sign but go on then. Next you’ll drive through the Gaub and Kuiseb Canyons via the Namib Gravel Plains to the coast. The plains can get so hot that rain evaporates before it hits the ground. It’s amazing how well the animals have adapted. They have little choice. But if they could tell their tales of survival they’d no doubt be incredible. You can go to Swakopmund via Walvis Bay but you’d be wiser to detour via Ganab. Then you’ll have the chance to visit the Welwitschia Plains and Moon Landscape. The Welwitschia plant is only found in the Namib Desert. They’ve been called ‘living fossils’. They’re thousands of years old and survive by extracting moisture from the air. The Moon Landscape is rightly named, lumps of Damara granite have pushed up through the earth’s crust. Strange, haunting, atmospheric. It will take approximately 5-6 hours to drive from Sossusvlei to Swakopmund, 350km.

When you're there:
Swakopmund. A rather incongruous town sat on a beach known as The Skeleton Coast. It’s an old colonial dear with coffee shops and German architecture. The coastline stretches 500km from Swakopmund to the Angolan border. Virtually uninhabited and thoroughly untamed. Hundreds of ships have wrecked there over the centuries. Their rusting hulls can still be visited. You have a day set aside to explore this area. And there’s lots on offer, both in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. You could go on a tour of Sandwich Harbour to get a real taste of the place or head out to sea on a dolphin cruise. If you’ve got energy to burn try quad biking, sand boarding or sea kayaking. There are lots of cafes and seaside restaurants for lunch and dinner. You’ll have bed and breakfast at your accommodation.

Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation

After the splendid civility of Swakopmund, it’s time to head back into the bush. It’s a long drive to Damaraland but a spectacular one. Prehistoric water courses merge with open plains and grassland. Huge granite koppies, deep gorges and bushman paintings. Forests millions of years old and the Brandberg, Namibia’s highest mountain. And animals. Many. If elusive. Swakopmund to Damaraland is about 445km and will take you approximately 7 to 8 hours.

On the way:
It’s an excellent drive this morning. Bomb it down the Skeleton Coast going via Henties Bay to the Cape Cross seal colony. Start cooing... they’re actually a species of Sea Lion. The Cape Fur dating site states, ‘looking for a fit mate with snuggly soft fur like me. It’s protected by a top layer of harder stuff. The blubbier the better. Ordinary Sea Lions need not apply. No time wasters.’ Seeing so many creatures on a beach together is stunning but the flip side is the air is drenched with a smell so foul you’ll be back in the car before you know it. Ok, carry on driving. Stop at the Lichen Fields a plant life nourished by the coastal fog. The ship wreck between the small town of Wlotskasbaken and Henties Bay is worth a nose around too. Backtrack to Henties Bay and head inland through wide open plains to Uis, then it’s north to the Twyfelfontein area. A site famous for thousands of rock carvings and paintings by the San Bushmen. They’re thousands of years old.

When you're there:
You’ll spend 2 nights in Damaraland. All meals are included and you’ll have a superior view room. Relax for a bit and let someone else take charge on your guided trip to Namibia’s Open Air Museum, the Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings as well as the Organ Pipes rock formations and Burnt Mountain. You’ll also have a guided nature drive included. This is your opportunity to head to the Huab River and look for desert adapted elephants. There’s other game around too - oryx, springbok, ostrich. If you want to learn about the people who live here you could also visit the Damara Living Museum - you’ll meet Damara people who will show you how they live. Traditional huts, medicines and craft making. It’s an optional extra but it’s a chance to learn about local culture.

Luxury Accommodation

Ready for more animals? It’s Etosha time. There really is something incredibly moving about seeing animals in the wild. You’ll probably feel more alive than you’ve ever felt. More present, more in the moment and more insignificant on this great, pulsing planet that we share.

On the way:
After breakfast, drive east towards Khorixas. You must stop at the Petrified forest, it’s so odd, so unusual and eerie. And it’s a national monument now. You’ll see fossilised tree trunks which are thought to be 280 million years old. They were discovered by two farmers in the 1940s. After this stop, head further east along the tar road to Outjo and then north to your lodge. It’s in a great location, very close to the southern entrance of Etosha, the Anderson Gate. Today’s drive should take approximately 4 to 5 hours. Damaraland to Etosha (south) is 325km.

When you're there:
Depending on how often you stop, you should arrive at your lodge in time for lunch (not included). If there’s time go into Etosha for an afternoon game drive. When you go stop at Okaukuejo where you pay your entry fee. You can also stock up on drinks and snacks at the local shop - look through the welcome pack you got at the beginning, they’ll be loads of useful Etosha related stuff but you can also buy a ‘waterholes’ map at the shop. Etosha is one of Africa's great game parks. With 114 species of mammal and 340 species of birds. You have a guided afternoon/sundowner game drive on the private Ongava Reserve. This is included during your stay. You also have dinner and bed & breakfast.

Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation

Today is the ultimate wild road trip. Meander along, choose the waterholes you like the look of. Stop. Wait. Watch. Repeat. You’ll drive from south to east.

On the way:
It’s a full days game drive from one side of the park to the other. Go slow. Enjoy.

When you're there:
Have a marvellous morning and aim for lunch at the Halali Resort. It’s half way between Okaukuejo and the eastern exit gate. Alternatively, you could take a picnic and stop at a waterhole to scoff it. You’ll be staying in a tented camp and you have a morning or afternoon game drive to Etosha included. You’ll go with your lodge guide travelling in an open safari vehicle.

Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation

Namibia has been called the cheetah capital of the world. And for good reason. There aren’t many left anywhere else. Famed for their speed and agility they are one of Africa’s most endangered big cats. Today you’ll learn about their plight. Lions will put you in the mood for love, they’re the only truly social cats. They live with their pride for life. Unless a new male takes over and has a rather ghastly cull. Hmm. That won’t put you in the mood for love. Oh wildlife. Sometimes it can warm your shackles, sometimes it can ice your heart. Drive 4 to 5 hours from Etosha (east) to Okonjima, 315km.

On the way:
Head south via Otavi and Otjiwarongo to Okonjima, home to the AfriCat Foundation.

When you're there:
Aim to arrive by 1400 at the latest to enjoy afternoon tea/coffee and cakes before heading off on an excursion which is included. And it’s not just cheetahs, founded in 1991 they’re working towards the long term conservation and survival of all Namibia’s large carnivores. You’ll have 2 activities here as well as dinner and bed & breakfast.

Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation

And so the tour comes to an end. Your honeymoon is over. We trust you’re marriage isn’t. Wow. What memories you have made. For life. You have a 3-4 hour drive from Okonjima to Windhoek, 225km.

On the way:
Get up early, have a quick snack and join the morning activity. It will be a visit to the AfriCat Foundation or a drive in the animal enclosure, which is more of game reserve. Head back to the lodge for a hearty Namibian breakfast before leaving. It’s back to Windhoek time.

When you're there:
When you arrive, drop your car off and we will transfer you to the airport for your departure flight. Remember that you need to be at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight and the airport is a 45 minute to 1 hour drive from town.

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Guests Accommodation Season Amount
2 Luxury Low Season USD 5,927 pps
2 Luxury High Season USD 6,491 pps
2 Ultra-luxury Low Season USD 9,445 pps
2 Ultra-luxury High Season USD 10,829 pps
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  • Our prices are based on two adults sharing accommodation unless otherwise stated.
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