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15-day Ultimate Wildlife & Birding Safari (Private Guided)

So, you’re a serious birder who fancies a walk on the wild side. Well, this is the ace, the boss, the champion of safaris. Fumble for your field guide. The African fish eagle’s the leading light here with Namibia elevating it to national bird status. A handsome raptor with a yodelling yelp. Often called the sound of Africa. Doff your cap, sir.

Price from US$ 3,384 pps
Duration 15 days
Tour Type Private Guided
Highlights Victoria Falls (Zim), Chobe National Park, Caprivi, Etosha National Park, Walvis Bay

Accommodation; Meals (SQ); Vehicle and all vehicle costs including fuel; Professional guide and all guide costs; Park entry fees; Shared road transfers; Meet and Greet; Airport Transfers; 24-hour support; Comprehensive tour file with detailed itinerary, map, route descriptions, booking vouchers, contact numbers and useful information


International flights; Personal travel insurance; Entry visas; Staff gratuities

This is a private guided tour which gives you a dollop of wildlife and a fat slice of bird watching. You’ll see a lot of Namibia. From Walvis Bay to Victoria Falls with the Chobe National Park hurled in for goodness sake. 15 days, 14 nights.

Itinerary Details

Flamingos and pelicans, black-tailed Godwits and Red-necked Phalaropes. They’re here. Walvis Bay. A port town beside the Atlantic Ocean. With a lagoon and salt pans considered the most important coastal wetland in southern Africa. Want to start birding in style? Fancy watching 150 different species? Over 150,000 come here for their holidays. It’s their Ibiza and the start of your tour.

On the way:
You’ll arrive in Walvis Bay and be met by your guide who will have all your travel documents. And a very handy map/guide which will be threadbare by the time we’ve finished with you. Spend today relaxing, wandering, gazing. Settle into your luxury room. You’ll have bed & breakfast here.

When you're there:
One full day is set aside. A lot of options. You could start the day kayaking with seals, not a bad idea if you normally start the day in a bad mood. Sand is marvellous stuff isn’t it? Go marvel at some on a 4x4 dune trip to Sandwich Harbour. Or tour the Skeleton Coast up to Cape Cross seal colony and back again. Adrenaline chasers, there’s quad biking or sand boarding, so belt up. Or just meander. The lagoon is particularly ideal for this. Photograph the fabulous seabirds. Choose somewhere nice for lunch and/or dinner and upload your handiwork.

Luxury Accommodation

Say goodbye to the beach your going inland. Central Namibia. Dominated by the Erongo, Brandberg and Spitzkoppe bad guys. These mountains dominate the landscape. Omaruru’s the town at the centre of it all and serves the surrounding farms and cattle ranches. It’s a leisurely drive from Walvis Bay to Omaruru, it’ll take 3-4 hours, 285km.

On the way:
You’ll drive up the coast and reach Swakopmund after about 40 minutes. If there’s time, your guide can take you on a tour of this unlikely town. It’s a pretty, seaside resort. What?! Lying between the stinging winds of the Atlantic Ocean and the searing heat of the oldest desert in the world? Yup. A pretty little town. Where you can buy milkshakes, beer and wursts on every street. Founded by the Germans in 1892, the architecture reflects this history as does the ambience. Back in the car and on to Usakos. A place originally built as a railway station between Swakopmund and Windhoek. Stand in the right place and you can waste hours staring at the long, uninterrupted horizon. Then it’s on to Karibib - another place which exists thanks to railroad development - in fact, it’s railway building is a national monument. Finally, it’s on to your lodge, just outside of Omaruru.

When you're there:
You’ll have the afternoon to chillax. Guided nature walks are included during your stay with your lodge guide. There’s incredible birdlife here. Listen, there. Did you hear it? That loud, constant chirper... that’s a Rosy-faced Lovebird. Oh. No. Scrap that, it’s someone on the honeymoon tour. Enjoy the sunset and relax under the stars. You’ll have dinner and bed & breakfast here.

Standard Accommodation

A home from home for four of the Big Five. Only buffalo ducked out. Etosha National Park. With water holes a plenty wildlife sightings are a breeze. Peak drinking times for game is about 9am to 3pm daily. Shh. Keep quiet. When game drinks, predators are not far behind. You’re looking at a 4 hour drive from Omaruru to Etosha (south), 275km.

On the way:
If you get a chance, have a morning walk after breakfast. You’ll be driving north today, via Kalkfeld and Outjo. 170 million years ago a three toed dinosaur walked past. On a farm 29km from Kalkfeld. Its footprint is now a national monument. Depending on how often you stop/detour you should arrive at your lodge in time for lunch (optional extra). Hello base. You’ll have dinner and bed & breakfast here. Settle in. You’re now very close to the southern entrance of Etosha, the Anderson Gate, so, if you’re up for it, there might be time for an afternoon game drive.

When you're there:
Your first stop when you go in is Okaukuejo where you pay your entry fee (included) and you can stock up at the shop. Drinks, snacks and a map of the waterholes would be good. Check through the welcome pack you got on day one as there’s lots of good stuff in it too. Birds think Etosha is a-ok. They delight in the place. When the rainy season arrives, one million flamingoes get all fruity and use Etosha as a breeding ground. Falcons, harriers and Egyptian vultures also flout their stuff.

Standard Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation

You’ll be going south to east today. From one side of the park to the other is a full day’s game drive. Etosha south to Etosha east. Dinner and bed & breakfast.

On the way:
So, there are options. 1 full day is set aside for game viewing with your guide, but you could break it up with afternoon and morning drives. You’ll head slowly east stopping at waterholes along the way. If you opt to take it slow in the morning, go for a packed lunch (optional extra) overlooking a waterhole. Talk it through with your guide and see what works best for you guys.

When you're there:
Get your checklist out and get ticking. Lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, giraffe, wildebeest, cheetah, hyena, mountain and plains zebra, springbok, kudu, gemsbok and eland, jackal, bat-eared fox, warthog, honey badger and ground squirrel. Exhausted? You will be. Go to sleep. And if you can’t sleep, count zebra, impala, oryx, eland, hyena. Zzzzzzz.

Standard Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation

Green and lush on the edge of the Caprivi Strip. Rundu. A quiet place beside the Okavango River. A haven for crocs and hippos. A chance to wave at Angola. The drive from Etosha (east) to Rundu will take about 5 hours, it’s 420km.

On the way:
You’ll be driving east from Etosha to Grootfontein, then north to Rundu and on to your lodge for the night. The world’s largest meteorite landed here. 20kms from Grootfontein to be precise. Called Hoba Meteorite it’s 3 meters long, 1 wide and 50 tons heavy.

When you're there:
When you arrive, chill out for the rest of the day and start exploring. Leopards like it here so you may get lucky and spot one. You’ll have dinner and bed & breakfast.

Standard Accommodation

The Caprivi. A wild, wild place. With a warren of navigable waterways, several large national parks and very few humans. A skinny slice of life, 20 miles wide, 280 miles long. Dense with vegetation, forests and sand beds. You’ll arrive in the western strip. It’s a pretty quick drive - Rundu to West Caprivi is 220km away and will take you approximately 3 hours.

On the way:
You’ll head east from Rundu along the Caprivi strip to Bagani, close to the Popa Falls.

When you're there:
You can spend the afternoon on a game drive or, binoculars out, time for some serious bird watching along the river. More than 450 species have been recorded making the Caprivi Strip one of southern Africa's top birding spots. Okavango specials include Slaty Egret and Coppery-tailed Coucal. A full day is set aside for a drive to the Mahango and Buffalo Game Parks, they’re not huge but they they do make for a stunning drive along the Okavango River. You could also visit Popa Falls - not your bog standard waterfall, instead, cascading rapids which run over a series of quartzite ledges. Stunning in the wet season, funny that. If you want an optional extra you could go for a sunset boat cruise or on a Kavango Village trip. You’ll have dinner and bed & breakfast during your stay here.

Standard Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation

You’ll be driving the length of the beast now.
West Caprivi to East Caprivi will take approximately 3 to 4 hours, 250km.

On the way:
Have breakfast, head east. Today’s stop... the Bwabwata National Park. In the 60s it was the Caprivi Game Reserve, now, with the addition of the Mahango Game Reserve it’s reached national park status. 6000 kilometres of sandy dunes and broad leafed Kalahari woodland. When you get to the Kwando River Bridge, you’ll enter East Caprivi.

When you're there:
Please yourself this afternoon. Relax at the lodge - you’ll have dinner and bed & breakfast here. You could go on a boat cruise, a guided walk or a game drive (all optional extras). There are large concentrations of elephant and buffalo as well as lion and leopard. The last of Namibia’s wild dogs tend to hang out here too. Look out for the Cape Parrot. They have large beaks and like to crack hard nuts. Good to know.

Standard Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation

Goodbye Namibia, hello Botswana. If you’re not sick of elephants yet, you soon will be. The Chobe National Park is home to Africa’s largest elephant population. Their trunks are damn clever too. Sensitive enough to pick up a blade of grass, strong enough to rip the branches off a tree. Useful as a snorkel too. Not for you, for them. You’re guide will drive you to the capital of the Zambezi region, Katima Mulilo. From East Caprivi it’s about 150km and will take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

On the way:
When you reach Katima Mulilo, the Namibia section of this holiday ends. Finished. Finito. Thank you and good night. Joyous to meet you Botswana. Lovely capital B you’ve got there. Your guide will transfer you into Botswana and drop you off at your lodge in Kasane - the town closest to the Chobe National Park.

When you're there:
Kasane sits on the riverside minding its own business. Close to the borders of Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe it’s the gateway to Chobe National Park. You’ll be in a luxury room here with dinner and bed & breakfast. You’ll also have 2 activities included - a guided game drive into the Chobe National Park and a game viewing boat ride on the Chobe River. You’ll be blown away by the wealth of elephant, hippo, buffalo and crocs which come to the river for a quick sip and a relaxing frolic. There’s no rush as a full day is set aside but please note Chobe National Park entry fees are not included and payable direct. They cannot be arranged in advance and can change at any time.

Standard Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation

Too calm for you was it? Chobe river too sedate? Well, get ready for noise. The locals called it the smoke that thunders and boy did it give David Livingstone the heebie jeebies. One minute he was meandering along, canoe style, admiring the flora and fauna of peaceful old 1855, then he heard one helluva roar. Coming from several miles away. Really, really angry lion? Really massive, really, really angry lion? Nope. Victoria Falls. Planet Earth’s most mighty cascade of water.

On the way:
Sayonara Botswana, hey there Zimbabwe. Enjoy your breakfast and pack up. You’ll be collected from the lodge and transferred to Victoria Falls. Your driver will help with the border crossing into Zimbabwe. We are delighted to report that this is an experience in itself...

When you're there:
Victoria Falls. The sight, the sound, the power. Nature in full swing. Forget horsepower, this is water power. One of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Go this afternoon, either on your own or arrange to go with a guide. You’re a crazy fool if you don’t end your day with a sunset Zambezi boat cruise. It’s an optional extra but it’s frankly delightful. For dinner options, you could head for The Boma Restaurant. African flavours, action and music. If you’ve had enough noise for one night, head to bed. You’ll have breakfast included in the morning.

Standard Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation

Oh no. You’re done. The ultimate trip is over. It’s day 15. “Memories light the corners of my mind, Misty water coloured memories of the way we were...”

On the way:
If there’s time, squeeze in a morning activity. There are lots to choose from. Then you’ll be driven from the lodge to the airport in time for your departure flight.

When you're there:
At the airport, carry on singing, “Scattered pictures, of the smiles we left behind, smiles we gave to one another, of the way we were....” If this Streisand classic isn’t on your play list, download it now. And cry all the way home. Oh Barbra, #welovethe15dayultimatewildlifeandbirdingsafari


Guests Accommodation Season (2020) Amount
2 Standard Low Season US$ 5,218 pps
2 Standard High Season US$ 5,479 pps
2 Luxury Low Season US$ 6,929 pps
2 Luxury High Season US$ 8,450 pps
4 Standard Low Season US$ 3,811 pps
4 Standard High Season US$ 3,968 pps
4 Luxury Low Season US$ 5,419 pps
4 Luxury High Season US$ 6,804 pps
6 Standard Low Season US$ 3,384 pps
6 Standard High Season US$ 3,509 pps
6 Luxury Low Season US$ 4,957 pps
6 Luxury High Season US$ 6,299 pps
  • As a rough guide Low Season throughout the region is from 1 January to 30 June and High Season is from 1 July to 31 December.
  • We give indicative Low and High Season rates on our website and exact prices in your quote when your travel dates are set.
  • These prices are based on two adults sharing accommodation unless otherwise stated.
  • Please treat all pricing as a guide only. Read more about our pricing.
  • Contact us for a personalised quote now.

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