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9-day Namibia Highlights Fly-in Safari with Swakopmund (Fly-in)

Namibia is a land of geographical opulence. The Imelda Marcos of rocks. Vast, undulating, sandy. There’s the unexpected too. Coastal desert anyone? In fact, everywhere you look, there’s something dramatic looking back. Touring by car is an adventure extraordinaire, by plane it’s out of the park. In this 9-Day Namibia Highlights Fly-in Safari you’ll fly from place to place. The trip is based on the 7 Day Namibia Highlights Fly-in Safari with the addition of 2 nights in Swakopmund on the Skeleton Coast.

Price from USD 4,926 pps
Duration 9 days
Tour Type Fly-in
Highlights Damaraland, Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund

Accommodation; Meals (SQ); Vehicle and all vehicle costs including fuel; Professional guide and all guide costs; Park entry fees; Meet and Greet; Airport Transfers; 24-hour support; Comprehensive tour file with detailed itinerary, map, route descriptions, booking vouchers, contact numbers and useful information


International flights; Personal travel insurance; Entry visas; Staff gratuities

On this tour you’ll be high over mighty Namibia. You’ll see the oldest desert in the world and ancient signs of man engraved in to the rocks. Animals too, both lurking at water holes and hiding in the bush. The trip includes a delightful, seaside town. This is not only a good idea, it’s frankly a super one. After all that flying and nature spying you’ll appreciate the charms of Swakopmund.

Itinerary Summary

Itinerary Details

Day 1 & 2: Sossusvlei ( 2 nights )

You’ll start with a 2 night fly package to the Namib Desert. An apparently barren wasteland that secretly harbours life. Animals and plants have evolved to survive in what is actually a biologically rich habitat.

The golden mole is one. Small and elusive these mammals live beneath the sand and only come to the surface at night. There are hidden gems throughout Namibia. Go find them. This private charter flight from Windhoek to Sossusvlei takes 1 hour 10 minutes. When you land, you’ll be driven to your lodge where you’ll have dinner and bed & breakfast.

On the way:
You’ll be met by Simone and given your travel documents. You’ll then meet the pilot and check in for your flight and briefing. You’ll fly over the Namib Desert and it’s 1000 miles of coastline. It’s 100 miles at its widest and has several national parks. The largest, Namib-Naukluft Park is where the Sossusvlei sand dunes stand. They’re the largest in the world with Dune 7 the biggest, being approximately 383 meters. Arabian dunes are mere toddlers in comparison, they’re over 100 metres shorter. You’ll be driven to your lodge for dinner and bed & breakfast.

When you're there:
On the day you arrive you’ll have a sundowner drive included. See if you can photograph an oryx silhouetted against red dunes. You’ll have yourself an iconic image if you do. Next morning, wake up early for breakfast and head to the Sesriem gate. This is the main entrance point to Sossusvlei. You have the whole day here now. Explore the highlights with the lodge guide. Dead Vlei’s a particularly interesting one. A graveyard of dead camelthorn trees conserved by the dry climate. At the edge of Dead Vlei you can climb ‘Big Daddy’. Go very early, it’ll take about 2 hours. It’s a tough one but you’ll be over smiling at the top. You and your incredible legs. Finished feeling chuffed? Don’t forget to look at the view. That would be embarrassing. Now, run down. Arghhhh! That. Is. Fast. If you fall at the bottom, pretend you planned to. The Sesriem Canyon is worth a look too, it has the monopoly on year round water and is near the entrance. Go back to the lodge for lunch (optional extra) and spend the rest of the day doing whatever you fancy.

Standard Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation
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Day 3 & 4: Swakopmund ( 2 nights )

“I wanna fly like an eagle, to the sea, fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me” yes, yes, no more singing. Just get in the plane. You’re going to see a whole lot of sea now. Hold on to your hat and breathe in the great and mighty Skeleton Coast.

On the way:
You’ll be driven to the airstrip for your flight. A private charter along the Skeleton Coast to Swakopmund. And the sea. Oh, the sea. The ships it spat out. On to a deserted, desert beach. Inhospitable. No way out. Portuguese sailors called it ‘the gates of hell’. Look out of the window and imagine their plight. The flight takes 1 hour & 30 minutes.

When you're there:
This once dreaded land is now an unlikely tourist destination. A sometimes fierce and often eerie 300 miles of coast. Then suddenly, Swakopmund. You have a half day Sandwich Harbour Tour included (AM or PM depending on the tides). Huge dunes on the edge of the sea. So unusual, it’s actually a moving sight to behold. Nature. Going about its day. We are so, so insignificant. There’s stunning birdlife in the lagoon too. A pink feather boa of flamingoes just hanging out. Or rather, standing there on one foot. In another bizarre quirk of nature, they actually do it because it’s less effort than standing on two. Who knew? Anyway, the rest of the day is up to you. Stroll around exploring the town or enjoy any of the numerous optional extras available. When you’re ravenous head for lunch and dinner at the many cafés or restaurants. Light pollution is almost non-existent on the Skeleton Coast. It’s a stargazer’s paradise. So look up whilst you eat up. You’ll have bed & breakfast here.

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Luxury Accommodation
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Day 5 & 6: Damaraland ( 2 nights )

From one untamed expanse to another. Get your khakis out and think like an explorer. Mountains, gorges, boulders the size of trees. Damaraland. Its inhabitants are limited to the native Damara people and the desert elephant. Rhino wander too. Crossing the barren plains searching for water. The flight from Swakopmund to Damaraland will take 50 minutes.

On the way:
You’ll be driven to the airstrip for your 50 minute flight, and driven to your lodge when you land. Look out for the jaw-dropping granite peaks of Spitzkoppe. Often referred to as the “Matterhorn of Namibia”, it’s a very old dear. If you’re thinking of making it a cake, think more than 120 million candles.

When you're there:
Ok, let’s get this straight you ain’t gonna see no teeming herds of game here but and it’s a capital BUT, you do have a chance of seeing the legendary desert elephants. You have a 2 night package here. It includes all your meals and two activities. The first is a nature drive to find them. They are one of only two populations of ‘desert’ elephants in the world (the other is in Mali, North Africa) and have a number of physical and behavioral differences. Longer legs, bigger feet, a smaller body mass - it all helps them deal with life in this dry, unforgiving environment. Other wildlife lingering includes black rhinoceros, Hartmann's zebra, gemsbok, springbok and ostrich. There’s also a guided tour to the Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings, Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain. Talk about longevity, that rock art has been hanging around for thousands of years. It became Namibia’s first World Heritage Site in 2007. The Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain are unique geological phenomena. A reminder of the life and activity here millions of years of ago.

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Day 7 & 8: Etosha National Park ( 2 nights )

Etosha. Wildlife and salt. A salt pan to be precise. And it’s a big one, taking up a quarter of the surface of the park – it’s so large that it can be seen from space. Four out of the Big 5 live in the park. Buffaloes don’t. They think, “bleugh, too dry” but rhinos like it. And because there’s no vegetation on the pan and the rest of the park only has sparse bushes and trees, it’s easier to spot wildlife. You’ll be arriving in style, by air.

On the way:
The flight from Damaraland to Etosha takes 1 hour & 15 minutes. You’ll be driven to your lodge on arrival. You’ll have dinner and bed & breakfast here.

When you're there:
She’s a dry old bird, that Etosha. But she does have waterholes. And these are honey pots to the wildlife. Some are busier than others, and you’ll see most of the action early in the morning and after sunset. And there’s a lot going on. 114 species of animals, including predators, zebra, blue wildebeest, gemsbok, eland and springbok as well as black rhinoceros, elephants, lions, leopards, and giraffe. 340 bird species too. Just head to a waterhole and wait. You have 2 morning and 2 afternoon game drives included.

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Day 9: Windhoek ( Departure / End of Tour )

And that’s it. You. Are. Done. Was it a blast? We hope so.

On the way:
A stunning flight from Etosha to Windhoek, 1 hour & 40 minutes. You’ll heading for Windhoek International Airport. Remember that you need to be at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight and the airport is a 45 minute to 1 hour drive from town.
Begin forwarded message:

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Guests Accommodation Season Amount
2 Standard Low Season USD 4,926 pps
2 Standard High Season USD 5,288 pps
2 Luxury Low Season USD 5,987 pps
2 Luxury High Season USD 6,392 pps
2 Ultra-luxury Low Season USD 7,294 pps
2 Ultra-luxury High Season USD 8,334 pps
  • Low Season is from 1 January to 30 June and High Season is from 1 July to 31 December.
  • Our prices are based on two adults sharing accommodation unless otherwise stated.
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