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3-day Kruger National Park Safari (Fly-in)

3 days, 2 nights and a choice of standard, luxury or superior accommodation. This trip is all about the safari. An afternoon, full day and final morning. Fully inclusive whichever lodge you plummet for and fully guided in an open 4x4.

Price 'SQ'
Duration 3 days
Tour Type Fly-in
Highlights Kruger National Park
  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • Airport transfers from Kruger airports (Kruger Mpumalanga International or Skukuza)
  • 4 game drives per person
  • 24-hour support
  • Comprehensive tour file with detailed itinerary, map, route descriptions, booking vouchers, contact numbers and useful information
  • International and domestic flights
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Entry visas
  • Fuel
  • Park entry fees
  • Staff gratuities

Forget the mini break, this is all about the micro break. And for goodness sake how much holiday can you cram in to 3 days? A lot it seems. This is a great dollop of king size, killer Kruger. A massive national park, one of the largest in the world. And South Africa’s oldest. Packed with life, all the Big Five and remnants of Stone Age man. On a Stone Age safari. With Stone Age binoculars. And Stone Age shoes. Probably not the latter. Or the former. Just the Stone Age bit.

Flights to/from Cape Town or Johannesburg are not included in the quote

Itinerary Details

Greater Kruger National Park combines the Kruger National Park and the surrounding private nature reserves. 20 million hectares later and you can see why it’s a Greater kinda beast. You’re in north-east South Africa, on the border with Mozambique and Zimbabwe. More precise? Welcome to the eastern side of the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces.

On the way: Flying high, in the sky. You. Are. On. Your. Way. The airport you land at depends on the accommodation you’ve gone for. Either Skukuza Airport or Nelspruit Airport - also known as Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. Flights usually arrive around midday. Then it’s off to the lodge time. And whilst you’re bumping along the road, muse on the fact that the first three tourist cars arrived in 1927. They must have gone on and on about how great it was because the following year 180 cars turned up. And boy did these people wax lyrical. The following year there were 850 cars. But that was nothing. Now, every year, over a million people visit.

When you're there: Make sure your binoculars, camera, hat and sun cream are at the top of your bag because you’re going on safari now. Yes, now. Quick, quick, jump into the 4x4 and dive straight in to your first wild, wonderful, afternoon. Your guide is very experienced, so it’s happy days from here on.

The Kruger. Large mammals. Tick. More species than any other African game reserve? Tick. How does 147 sound? Birds too? Bien sur. 517 species of them. The big guys all roam - elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, rhino, buffalo, giraffe, hippo and zebra. And not just one or two herds, we’re talking thousands. At least 14, 000 elephants, 27,000 African buffalo and 2,800 lions. It’s also regarded as the best place in the world to see leopard. There are thought to be 2000 of them.

Tired? Watch the sun set and then head back to the lodge. Dinner’s ready. Eat up. Have a drink, wander off to bed. Think of those skies of blue and clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night.
And think to yourself, what a wonderful world. Night night. Sweet, sweet, heady dreams.

Standard Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation
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Morning! This is a whole bush day baby. Bring it on. It’s a breathing in as much nature as you can kinda day. You’ll be damn well swallowing it and digesting it to boot. Morning and afternoon game drives. Go, go, go.

On the way: Look. Photograph. Film. Repeat.

When you're there: Weird to think a park could be bigger than a country. But this one is. The Kruger is bigger than Belgium and Wales and Israel. And the roads are good. Which is just as well. There’s a network stretching and intertwining for 1,800 kilometres. And people have wandered these paths for centuries. More than 300 archaeological sites have been found.

Big Five there! And there! And there! Oh, no. That’s a tiny version. Wow, what are they? Erm. Well. Yes. That’s a little version of the Big Five. You see this place is also home to the leopard tortoise, rhino beetle, elephant shrew, ant lion, and the red-billed buffalo weaver.

Talking of birds. Out of the 517 species, 253 are residents, 117 non-breeding migrants, 147 nomads. Good to know. There’s even six called the Big Six Birds. This is getting silly. Ok. Here goes. Roll call. Lappet faced vulture, martial eagle, saddle billed stork, kori bustard, ground hornbill and Pel’s fishing owl.

There are reptiles too. 114 species including 3000 crocodile. And even 50 species of fish. And that’s just the lunch menu. And that’s just a joke. Apologies.

Standard Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation
Ultra-luxury Accommodation
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Oh no. It’s done. But not quite. Have a big breakfast. Full? Or could you squeeze in a quick morning safari? Yes? Good news. Go for it. Then you’ll be transferred back to the airport to check in for your departure flight.

On the way: What haven’t you seen? African wild dog? See if you can spot a pack. They’re endangered and it’s thought there are only about 400 in the whole of South Africa.

When you're there: How about a few invertebrates this morning? Seriously, there’s never a guarantee of what animal will cross your path on safaris but your guides will do their best to find your must sees. And there are webcams set up to help you find them too. The animals, not the guides. But going back to invertebrates for a minute. There are 219 species of butterfly here. And that is frankly ridiculous.

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