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Location:Kaokoland, Namibia


Ongongo Waterfall Campsite

The Herero named this place Ongongo. It means magical. Let's think about that for a minute. Magical. What does that mean, really mean? The dictionary says, "beautiful or delightful in a way that seems removed from everyday life." Yup. Pretty much sums it up.

Ongongo is in a small canyon in the far northwest of Namibia. This is a completely barren landscape. But, but... there's water, permanent water. And it's oozing out of the mountain. And it's warm. And that means, yup, that means swimming all year round.

To come here, you've got to long for adventure because even getting here is a ride. You'll need a 4x4. Be prepared. Bring food, bring equipment. Bring your sense of humour. The nearest fuel station is at Sesfontein and that’s 27km away. Sesfontein's also the nearest town. See what we mean? This is a distant, remote part of the world.

Ok, listen up. Follow a water pipeline for about 6km, heading roughly northwards. The road is rough and very rocky in parts, sandy in others. Drive down a steep descent into the actual river bed, move along, move along, you're there. This is a raw, at one with nature kinda place. Cell phone reception is poor. If the realities of that don't appeal, jog on.


Ten luxury campsites which can accommodate eight guests and two vehicles. There’s a maximum of 8 people per campsite. The bathroom is in an enclosed, shaded area. Private ablution facilities; hot showers; shaded area with wash basin.


Obviously, the waterfall is the main attraction here. Year round.

You can also hike, swim and bird watch. Look out for zebra, kudu, oryx, springbok. You might even see ostrich, jackal and hyena.

You could go on a walking trail in the caves or visit the Ovahimba communities.

Definitely head to the Hoanib River as this is where you may see the desert adapted elephant.

The Herero were right, this is a magical place. Dry and barren, there's the odd patch of bright green, fed by underground water. And when the rains come, life bounces back. Beautiful.

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