An area that epitomises wide open spaces of red sand, gravel plains, mountain ranges, dunes and savannas. One of the most beautiful and scenic in Namibia. Everywhere you look, the perfect panoramic photo. Pure wilderness. Untouched. Pristine.

The NamibRand Reserve, south of Sossusvlei in the southwest of Namibia is one of the largest private reserves in Southern Africa, covering an area of 215,000 hectares. It borders the Namib Naukluft Park to the west for 100 kilometres and the Nubib Mountains to the east.

This reserve originated in 1984 as a passion of the late J.A. Brückner, who had a dream to extend desert frontiers and this began by integrating numerous livestock farms in the area. To date the reserve is comprised of 17 former livestock farms and with no fences between them, the NamibRand became an exclusive reserve through which animals could roam freely across the expanse of this incredible environment and natural habitat.

It encompasses the unique ecology of the southwest Namib Desert, with a focus on protecting biodiversity and sustainability to facilitate seasonal migration of wildlife routes. The area is known to host numbers around 3200 oryx and more than 12,400 springbok as well as kudu, Hartmann’s and Burchell’s zebra, giraffe, klipspringer, steenbok, hartebeest and baboons. Predators include leopard, Spotted and Brown hyena, black-backed jackal, aardwolf, bat-eared fox, Cape fox, African wildcat, caracal and genet. More than 150 species of bird have been recorded in the area along with numerous species of different fauna and flora.

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In 1992, the NamibRand Nature Reserve was registered as a non-profit reserve and is financially self-sustaining through high quality–low impact tourism. A balance that allows for self-sustainable conservation. All lodges that operate inside the reserve have been limited to 20 beds each, in essence that is 1 bed for every 1000 hectares, making the human footprint in such a vast area, barely noticeable and of course adds to the remote and unique exclusivity to stay in such a place.

Operating inside the NamibRand are Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, the Wolwedans Collection, the Family Hideout, Tok Tokkie Trails, Namib Sky Adventures (hot air ballooning) and the NRCF (NamibRand Conservation Fund, which is a non-profit organisation that focuses on environmental conservation and research. The two main beneficiaries of the NRCF are the NRAC (NamibRand Desert Research and Awareness Centre) and NaDEET (Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust, which is a non-profit organisation and educational centre empowering youths to make decisions for a sustainable future.

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The NamibRand Reserve is also an International Dark Sky Reserve that focuses on the preservation of the star-filled night skies. With limited light pollution over a vast area, it has one of the darkest night skies in the world. You won’t find a brighter night sky than this in Namibia. It really is something to experience and just another highlight that makes this amazing area so special.

Sleep out under the stars. Star gaze. Hike. Adopt a fairy circle. Make a difference. Simply relax and take in the natural beauty.

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