Skeleton Coast Accommodation

Our curated accommodation in Skeleton Coast sorted by popularity ranking

Shipwreck Lodge

Shipwreck Lodge offers pure wilderness and nothing more than endless views of rolling sand dunes and the cool Atlantic Ocean breeze to give you a true Skeleton Coast experience.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Inside the Skeleton Coast National Park, this luxury lodge offers you an experience of an area unexplored. Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is remote, intimate and exclusive. A place to add on your bucket list.

Cape Cross Lodge

Cape Cross Lodge, not too far from civilisation on an otherwise forbidden Skeleton Coast, is a charming stay with views out over the cold Atlantic Ocean and close to the Cape Cross seal colony.

De Duine Hotel

Along the bare, bleak, blinding, Skeleton Coast of Namibia lies the small town of Henties Bay. And in that town is the De Duine Hotel. 20 double or single rooms and a restaurant. There’s a swimming pool, squash court and then there is the ocean...

Desert Rendezvous

Desert Rendezvous, a luxury guesthouse just minutes from the beach. And what a beach. Welcome to the Skeleton Coast people, and the town of Henties Bay: the sport fishing Mecca of Namibia.

Terrace Bay Resort

Terrace Bay Resort is one of few options for a place to stay along the Skeleton Coast that doesn’t require you to camp. Although accommodation is basic, you’ll appreciate the nothingness and a chance to go fishing.

Cape Cross Campsite

Clean and private camping, on a cool coast with a wine cellar and a lounge? Exactly, Cape Cross Campsite is full of cosy bonuses that make camping a breeze on the west coast.

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