Ian Rowett: Technology Officer

Ian is our writer and tech whiz-kid making up the other half of our web team in South Africa. He's the guy responsible for our website and the multitude of stuff that goes on in the background which few of us mere mortals will understand.

As our web editor, Ian is the one in charge of programming, content, development, maintenance and marketing and rightly so, since he's certainly overqualified for the job. With a quirky sense of humor he'll say he has a degree in bluffing, but we all know he's sharp-witted and almost too smart for his own good. In fact he has numerous accolades behind his name having studied journalism at Rhodes and web development in Johannesburg.

After some attempts at a real job intermittent with travel, Ian ended up in the travel industry. Here he met his wife Andree, the other asset to the NTS web team, and they have since been on their venture, growing their web business and their family which is now comprised of two beautiful daughters.

Having grown up in Harare, Ian has an embedded love for Zimbabwe and the Eastern Highlands in particular. It's a place to get lost in the rolling hills and natural wonder of the landscape. For Ian, luxury is great for a day but the real value of nature is found in its simplicity, so you'd likely catching him sleeping out under the stars as first choice.

Away from work, when Ian's doing the other stuff he loves, you'll find him playing squash, walking, reading or out on the river in his rubber duck. An escape he finds in being outdoors and if his family can tag along, that's the ultimate.

Ian enjoys the demands of his profession and loves the late nights on the grind, supplemented with caffeine, even better. He's a genuine nice guy and a laid back one at that. Although he's serious about his work, he doesn't take life too seriously. Hoorah! He's our kind of guy!

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