Annelie van de Merwe: Inventory

Annelie is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet with a big heart, a warm smile and kind nature. Shy at first, but when you get to know her she’s really just an all-round, down to earth, great gal. It’s no surprise she fits right in at NTS and we’re glad to have her on the team.

Annelie is our inventory manager who works with our web team to load content, source images, request rates and add our just booked tours. Although her daily tasks and roles change often, she's always up for the challenge and to get it done and that she does!

She owns her own home-based salon, so when she's not in the office that's where you'll find her. Unless of course she's running around after Ian, her super cute and super busy son or out on a mission in the community as an active part of her church.

Annelie is a homebody and loves to be at home with her husband and family, but equally likes to head out and explore the beauty of Namibia over a weekend, whether camping or at a luxury lodge, either way she's happy as long as her family and close friends are in tow.

She hails from a close knit family and grew up in South Africa in the Western Cape but relocated to Namibia in 2008 and although she still enjoys Cape Town for a holiday, she loves Namibia and the lifestyle of living at the coast in Swakopmund. She says “there’s no better place to call home” and we agree!

She hasn't ventured overseas, but has yet to feel the urge with so much to be seen and enjoyed on her very own doorstep. With much to be discovered, all within just a few hours drive from home, Annelie is happy to explore all the treasures of Namibia first. The only question is: where to next?

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