Bonique Leng: Travel Consultant

The oldest of four in a typically close-knit Namibian family, Bonique grew up in Walvis Bay, that busy, bustling, booming harbour town 40km south of Swakopmund.

At Namibia Tours and Safaris we are a family and therefore we are truly heartbroken that we have recently had to reduce our staff in order to weather the storm of the worldwide pandemic of Corona. Tourism has unfortunately been one of the hardest hit industries and while Bonique is leaving us for now, we are hopeful that when this all blows over and tourism picks up again, we will be able to welcome her back into the team.

After school, sweetheart in tow, Bonique headed for the bright lights of Windhoek to study cosmetology - nothing to do with comets, everything to do with health, beauty and vitality.

With frequent visits to her grandparents’ farm in the Kalahari near Rehoboth, Bonique developed a deep love for Namibia’s countryside and learned to appreciate the important things in life: dew on a freshly picked apple, home-made bread, hand-churned butter and the smell of fresh coffee mingling with the grassy, dusty, dewy sunrise. Quite jealous we are.

Sweetheart became husband, husband became father and, after stints in fashion and real estate, Bonique and her growing family moved back to the coast and the start of a new chapter with NTS in Swakopmund.

A kinder, gentler soul you will not meet, Bonique is as dedicated to her work as she is to her loving family. We’re lucky to have such a loyal and enthusiastic addition to our team and if she appears to have an ever-so-slight bias towards the Kalahari, just go with it, you won’t be disappointed.

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