Tessa Baas: Tour Consultant

Question: how do you reconcile the competing interests of a contented homebody and a free-range spirit imbued with an insatiable thirst for new experiences?

That’s no small task and Tessa has been on a quest of Tolkien-sized proportions to find the answer since, oh, somewhere around the turn of the century.

From a childhood in Swakopmund to an Honours Degree in Teaching from Cape Tech and back to a position at her alma mater, Tessa spent her formative years nurturing the homebody inside her.

Phase 1 complete, Tessa then embarked on a tour of the globe that included 25 countries in 8 years. From Iceland up there to Holland in the middle and Korea across there, Tessa has taught her way around the world on a path that, surprise surprise, lead all the way back home.

Into the welcoming arms of Team NTS and we believe, at the risk of sounding conceited, therein lies the answer to her interminable conundrum.

Like most every Namibian, Tessa is fluent in English, German and Afrikaans and, like most every Namibian, Tessa loves the outdoors with camping in Damaraland, Spitzkoppe, Etosha et al ranking among her favourite in-country experiences. And of course she loves spending quality time in said locations with her much-adored family and friends.

Adventurous, composed, kind and gentle, Tessa is as diverse a personality as the country she calls home. And with more than a passing eye for detail, a boundless love for Africa’s wild places and a deep connection with her native land, we think you’ll be in pretty good hands.

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