Janine Reid: Accounts

To the manner born, Janine is a powerhouse of an HR administrator and yet another delightful addition to our team.

Our charismatic, fun-loving, family-mad HR administrator, Janine is a straight up, organised and no-nonsense kind of gal and the perfect fit for such a demanding role at NTS. We are proud (and lucky) to have her on our team as one third of the triumvirate running the accounts and admin department with apparent ease.

Diligent and determined, Janine went to work straight after school while enrolled in professional receptionist and personal assistant courses. Qualified up to the eyeballs, Janine has worked her way up the ranks in the legal industry, sales, logistics and the hectic consumer goods industry to arrive at our doorstep one fortuitous Swakop morning.

Born in Windhoek, Janine completed school and her studies in the capital and then moved to Swakopmund with her then boyfriend. Boyfriend is now husband and with the addition of two bright and cheerful boys we’re pretty certain Janine is here for the long run. She’s an all-round hands on, perfect example of a full-time working mother juggling work and home life, again with apparent ease.

Family is at the heart of her existence and Janine enjoys her weekends on the beach with her boys or with good friends and a glass of wine to top it all. Be it a braai and camping in the middle of nowhere or a luxury getaway, she’s almost indifferent, just as long as her family is close by and she’s in good company, making the most of Namibia’s incredible lifestyle.

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