Janine Reichstein: Tour Consultant

A born and bred Namibian, Janine grew up in the capital city of Windhoek and then, seeking a more relaxed, outdoorsy life, relocated to her favourite place in Namibia: Swakopmund.

After school, her studies took Janine to Johannesburg in South Africa where she qualified in Domestic Flights and Ticketing and Development Training Strategies. Gibberish to most but to us a great background in the tourism industry which makes her a perfect fit here at NTS.

A few years found her working for a well-known travel agency before trying her hand at being a goldsmith. It didn’t take long for Janine to realise that Namibia is the ‘real gem’ and wham! she was back marketing our beautiful country.

Although small in size, Janine certainly is not short of personality, charisma or energy. Combine this with her deep love for Namibia and you get an enthusiastic consultant excited to plan your adventure to her favourite places, some of which are the red sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the harsh ruggedness of Damaraland and the prolific wildlife of Erindi Private Game Reserve.

Janine loves camping and being outdoors - especially at sunset - whether on the beach, on a sand dune or somewhere in the bush. It really doesn’t matter where, as long as the company is good, the drinks are cold and the view suitably amazing.

Like all typical Namibians, Janine speaks English, Afrikaans and German, which comes as no surprise with a surname like Reichstein. It’s also no surprise she loves good food and beer and has a typical Namibian friendly manner, which makes her a welcome - and pretty darn useful - addition to Team NTS.

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