Anja Fulde: Tour Consultant

With a name like Anja Fulde, one would expect a German background, but in fact Anja was raised in a typical Afrikaans household.

Anja was born in Windhoek and grew up in Swakopmund as one of three siblings raised by her superwoman single mother. Her sister being 1 1 months older than her and her brother 8 years younger. She comes from a close-knit family deep rooted in Namibia.

She completed school at the coast and after, Anja found her way into tourism, managing a well-known local guesthouse for 3 years. Luckily for us, she decided to change up the pace and now we can happily say she is a part of the NTS team selling what she most loves about our amazing country: the diverse landscapes, cultures and wildlife. We have it all.

Anja appreciates the small details and the finer things in life but with a down to earth and uncomplicated outlook. It is no surprise then that she prefers to lodge instead of camp, but she isn’t looking for top luxury either, just a place that feels like home.

Like most Namibians, a social bunch, Anja loves to spend time on the weekends with her friends enjoying a “braai” - barbeque (for those who don’t yet know the local lingo) or with her family on a Sunday indulging in a hearty roast.

Anja is a kindhearted, fun loving and creative personality with compassion and love at the heart of everything she does. This coupled with her innate love for Namibia makes her a super consultant and a great addition to the already impressive team that comprises NTS.

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