Petra Joell: Tour Consultant

From rover to itinerant and eventual globetrotter, Petra is a free-spirited ‘bird of passage’. For some, travel and adventure is genetic and for Petra that’s exactly it. It’s simply who she is. Having travelled to over 30 countries, she’s seen and done a lot but still loves Namibia best and we don’t blame her. What’s not to love?

Petra was born and raised in Windhoek and began her three year travel escapades after school, starting in London, working and travelling to make her way through Europe by van and train. She then moved to the United States, where she worked in a sports shop in Colorado and as a waitress in Los Angeles before embarking on her adventures to Central and South America.

Back in Africa, Petra then found herself as a tour guide in Cape Town having studied to be a Tourist and Culture Site Guide for the Western Cape. She started her own Cultural Tour Operation with a local guide also helping with local township projects. Not long after, she met her beach and wave loving husband, a surfboard shaper and together they created their own surfing brand and surf factory manufacturing custom surfboards. How’s that for a change of pace and lifestyle?

This was Petra’s focus for the following 6 years whilst not only building up their business but dedicating her time to local surf projects such as Waves for Change and the 9 Miles Project, empowering youth through the sport as well as to teach them how to make and repair surfboards. Although the job title may have changed along the way, her passion for community initiatives has always remained.

A last short stint in Cape Town saw Petra working for an outbound tour operator and then on a whim, much like how she has lived her life, they sold their business and moved to Namibia with their son. Lucky for us, she loves tourism, has heaps of experience and found her way into the NTS family. A much needed change for Petra and a great addition for us.

If you haven’t yet caught on, Petra has a big heart, love for nature and all things organic. She’s a firm believer in eco-tourism and an advocate for making a difference - leaving only footprints along the way. It’s no surprise then that she loves camping out under the stars, the closer to nature the better but as with most other things in her life, it’s also always about balance, so here and there a few comforts are appreciated.

Her favourite place is undoubtedly the beach and even more so with her family. If she isn’t travelling in Namibia, her first choice, then her second favourite destination would have to be South Africa for its varied landscapes and incredible coast.

With an Afrikaans father and Spanish mother, Petra speaks the basics of both languages, but in true Namibian style, also understands German with her home language being English.

Petra is the ultimate definition of a traveller and she has quite the story to tell of her adventures around the world, but it’s the undeniable charm of Africa, something you feel but can’t explain, that keeps her grounded here. You simply have to experience it to know. There’s so much more to it than meets the eye and we can say the same about Petra herself.

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