Leandrie Leary: Tour Consultant

Leandrie is fun-loving, adventurous and a hopeless romantic with a deep love for travel, new experiences and all things Namibia. Combined, this makes her one heck of a consultant and a great addition to the NTS team. We’re gloating.

She comes from a large family that is both Afrikaans and German, typically Namibian. Born and raised in Swakopmund, this simply has to be Leandrie’s top favourite place in the world and she’d know since she’s travelled quite a bit. Namibia still ranks number one on her list, even after travelling extensively in Europe, getting engaged on the Eiffel Tower, married in the south of France and honeymooning in Malta. All beautiful places, but none quite like the beauty of home.

Leandrie is a big fan of the Caprivi for its scenery and boat cruises at sunset, and of her travels to our neighbouring countries, bungee jumping in Victoria Falls was one of her all time most memorable experiences.

Being a homebody and a stickler for her daily routine, Leandrie loves cooking with her mates, walking the dogs and cuddling her cutie-pie son, Caleb. Every now and again though, she likes to delve into the world of adventure and find herself outdoors kayaking, swimming with dolphins or skydiving (as long as it fits into her schedule).

She loves the best of both worlds and Leandrie’s ideal style of travel is a combination of luxury lodging and camping, just as long as it is in good company and of course a great view wouldn’t go amiss. An easy sell for Namibia, with its ever changing landscapes and endless horizons.

Having studied a Diploma in Fashion Design, Leandrie is creative and most certainly always well dressed. She found her way into tourism by chance and as with sewing, she really enjoys seeing how something evolves. In this case it’s the process from enquiry to planning a tour and incredible route. How lucky are we to plan holidays? Even more so, to our special part of Africa!

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