Simone Wentzel: Welcome Services

“First impressions last” and with that, the friendly welcome by Simone will certainly be a great start to your African adventure and one you won’t forget, much like her smile and the memories you will make and take back home with you. It’s inevitable!

At Namibia Tours and Safaris we are a family and therefore we are truly heartbroken that we have recently had to reduce our staff in order to weather the storm of the worldwide pandemic of Corona. Tourism has unfortunately been one of the hardest hit industries and while Simone is leaving us for now, we are hopeful that when this all blows over and tourism picks up again, we will be able to welcome her back into the team.

Originally from South Africa, first from Pretoria and later Cape Town, Simone is now a proudly self-proclaimed Namibian. Well, she has been here permanently since 2007, but it’s more than that - once you’ve been here, you’ll know what we mean. She’s also married to a Namibian, our very own fleet manager and hardcore music lover, Wayne. Hence the same surname, in case you were wondering. They’re based in the capital city of Windhoek with their beautiful daughter Leah who was born in 2016. This being one of the main reasons why Simone made a change of lifestyle from her background in retail, freight and admin to join the NTS team. She’s now an integral part of the Windhoek depot and we’re glad to have her. Thanks Leah!

Simone is one of the first people you’ll meet once you hit Namibian soil, geared to ready you for your journey with your travel diary and map in hand. Don’t forget to ask for advice or if you have any questions, she’s got plenty of tips and might even be more excited for your holiday than you, but we can’t blame her, she knows what lies ahead. An adventure like no other!

On the ball and quick to action, nothing gets past her or is left to chance. Simone is sociable and outgoing, organized and ordered by nature. Cool, calm and collected, she’s on top of it, got it under control and with grace, we might add. With her as an additional contact and ‘go to’ whilst on the road, you’re in great hands, that’s for sure.

Of her favourite places to travel, she’ll tell you that anywhere with great scenery and a view to lose yourself in is her favourite, so good news for Simone she can travel anywhere in Namibia, it’s all right there on her very own doorstep. If she can hike, be outdoors or near the beach in warm weather, she’s sold. It’s no wonder she loves Namibia so much. The perfect destination.

In her other life, you’ll definitely find her doing something creative or crafty, that’s if she isn’t supporting her husband on the local music scene or cooking up a storm and trying out a new recipe. Maybe she’ll invite us for dinner. We certainly wouldn’t mind - nudge nudge.

Simone’s favourite quote by Ludwig Jacobowski, “Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened” is a sentiment to leave Namibia with, although we get it if you shed a tear on your flight back home. We know most do and we also know why!

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