Nicolas Goosen: Web Developer

Nicolas (or Nic as we call him) is the guy behind much of what you see on our website. He’s the one punching in all the codes that give it life. A job not for the fainthearted and luckily for us this is Nic’s passion, since it’s something few of us can actually comprehend.

The actual functionality of the website comes down to the work Nic does every day: hours behind a computer screen typing in all the essential brackets, numbers and letters to make it all work and work it does. Thanks Nic.

His journey began studying mathematics at the University of Cape Town after which Nic started his own business in Franschoek doing commercial and custom-made printing and graphic design. Formulas meet artisan and you can see how that makes him a pretty good fit for what he does today. 15 years later and a family richer, Nic sold his business and they moved to the Overberg area of the Western Cape for what was supposed to be a short “sabbatical” and a chance for Nic to catch up on all things web.

As a web developer, self-taught (a truly impressive feat for its complexity), the peaceful and quiet nature of Greyton seemed a fitting choice. Low and behold, it is here where he met Andree and Ian and that’s the beginning and the end of it and how Nic came to work for NTS.

An essential part of the NTS web team, although he has no former background in tourism, Nic like the rest of us, loves the wilderness and being outdoors. Whether kayaking down the Orange River, sailing between Italy and Malta or hiking the Otter Trail on the Garden Route of South Africa, he’d much rather be on a wild adventure any day over touring the cities.

Born in New York, Nic grew up in the Cape Winelands and much like his past in immigration, he prefers the slow paced and quieter lifestyle to busy places and rowdy crowds. Another reason he’s happy to call Greyton home. He is a family guy and enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, reading (which is how he stays on top of the latest news and trends in the ever evolving web and tech world) and heading into nature any chance he gets.

At the office, you can be sure that if there is a glitch, Nic’s on it, an addition to be made to the website, Nic’s got it covered and he’s never short of coming up with some new ideas or advancements that make the website faster and more user friendly.

Nic is a rock-solid chap. He's Mr. Dependable. If he said he'll be there, he'll be there and if he said he'd do it, consider it done. His sense of humour is about as dry as it gets and that with the charm of his calm disposition, we can't help but to love Nic for he's a jollly good fellow.

As Socrates says: “How can you wonder your travels do you no good, when you carry yourself around with you?” Nic believes nothing ventured is nothing gained and that’s no matter if it’s learning something new or journeying somewhere you have never been before, whether in Namibia or cyberspace.

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