Bianca Jordaan: Travel Consultant

Fire and ice, that's the story of Bianca's fascinating life so far. Born in Namibia, she moved to Iceland as a teenager and spent the next decade falling deeply in love with the place and its people.

Lucky for us a holiday to her homeland in 2011 resulted in the chance meeting of her then boyfriend and with true fire-and-ice impulsiveness, she upped and moved to Swakopmund in October 2013 and has never looked back. Thanks boyfriend, ahem, now husband. Congrats you two! Or should we rather say three! We can't possibly forget about their gorgeous daughter Emma, she's too cute and much too big of a personality for that.

Bianca has fallen deeply in love with the country of her birth. Of Namibia she says, "I always thought you had to travel abroad to find paradise... meanwhile it's right here in Africa."

Bianca's colourful career reflects her colourful and lively personality: from working in an old age home ("absolutely loved it") to a long and enjoyable spell in the restaurant industry and most recently as a flight attendant in search of far-flung horizons. Well, you don't get more far-flung than Namibia and we are very happy to have her back.

Although she started out with little background in the industry, Bianca soon became one of our top consultants. It's no surprise since she's dedicated, hard working and has the ability to get a lot done in record time, even we don't know how she does it. She's fly (as we like to say in the office) and therefore the perfect fit as our 'go to' for all things advice and training. She's a great addition to the NTS team, even with her strange knack for saying things in accents. We don't claim to understand it, she's quirky that way, but it certainly always gets a laugh.

Fluent in English, German, Afrikaans and of course Icelandic, Bianca joined us in July 2014 and shares our passion for the landscapes, wildlife and people of Namibia and her favourite destination is Etosha, "because I get so very excited like a little child when I see wild animals... too long in Iceland maybe".

Perhaps but we've got news for you, Bianca: seeing wildlife never gets boring.

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