Jennifer Timlin: Travel Diary Editor

Jen is a fun-loving, home-loving mother of one and the perfect fit for our rather garrulous working environment.

At Namibia Tours and Safaris we are a family and therefore we are truly heartbroken that we have recently had to reduce our staff in order to weather the storm of the worldwide pandemic of Corona. Tourism has unfortunately been one of the hardest hit industries and while Jen is leaving us for now, we are hopeful that when this all blows over and tourism picks up again, we will be able to welcome her back into the team.

Born in Namibia to Scottish parents Jen, like most of us, made a short foray into the outside world before scurrying back home for the company of friends, family and year-round sunshine over the frenetic pace and modern trappings of the northern hemisphere. Now we are glad to say Jen has come home for good.

Jen grew up right here in Swakopmund and, barely walking, found the joy of gymnastics where she peaked representing Namibia at the Commonwealth Games at the ripe old age of 15. Nowadays, with a busy young Aidan to take care of, not to mention all those books and glasses of wine and relaxing time to catch up on, there's little time for such larks (though little Aidan is showing definite signs of following in his mother's flik-flaks).

By way of restaurants and hotels, Jen comes to the travel industry armed with plenty of hospitality and service experience and of course a deep love for her home country. Favourite destination? Swakopmund of course: you've got the desert the dunes and the ocean all in one place.

More a luxury girl than your rough n' ready camper. Jen favours the refined fly-in style holiday with all the trimmings on arrival at your exclusive safari lodge. She loves Etosha and its magnificent elephants but being a cat-person she has to give top prize for wildlife to the beautiful powerful and elegant leopard. Gymnastic bias perhaps?

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