Sonja Steyn: Accounts

Sonja Steyn (no relation to Oom Danie) is our super-chilled and super-kind addition to the accounts department who brings a wealth of experience and a much-needed level head to Team NTS.

At Namibia Tours and Safaris we are a family and therefore we are truly heartbroken that we have recently had to reduce our staff in order to weather the storm of the worldwide pandemic of Corona. Tourism has unfortunately been one of the hardest hit industries and while Sonja is leaving us for now, we are hopeful that when this all blows over and tourism picks up again, we will be able to welcome her back into the team.

Accounts and accounting departments in general are scary concepts for most of us lessor mortals and here’s where Sonja, along with Carlyn and Janine, performs a vital service: keeping us on an even keel, steering the ship on a steady course and shouldering the heavy burden of all the financial and clerical tasks our business requires.

Sonja is the one to turn to when it comes to invoices, statements and the administration that comes as part and parcel. It is all thanks to Sonja we can focus on what we do best: putting amazing trips together for you, our amazing clients.

Born in Namibia, Sonja moved to Springs just outside Jo’burg at an early age. Time passed and the call of home grew ever louder and now we are happy she calls Swakopmund home. Married and with a delightful daughter and an energetic son, family is all-important for Sonja who is also very close to her sister and her wonderful parents.

Arts, crafts, good food, good wine and good company make the world go around for Sonja and, since joining us at NTS, she says of Namibia: I now realise I don’t need to go for looking for paradise; I’m already here. High praise indeed both for us and our wonderful country.

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